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(Bang-e-Dra-006) Aik Makra Aur Makhi

Aik Makra Aur Makhi
(Makhooz) - Bachon Ke Liye

(Adopted for Children)

Ek Din Kisi Makhi Se Ye Kehne Laga Makra
Iss Rah Se Hota Hai Guzar Roz Tumhara

One day a spider said to a fly
Though you pass this way daily

Lekin Meri Kutiya Ki Na Jagi Kabhi Kismat
Bhoole Se Kabhi Tum Ne Yahan Paun Na Rakha

My hut has never been honored by you
By making a chance visit inside by you

Ghairon Se Na Miliye To Koi Baat Nahin Hai
Apno Se Magar Chahiye Yun Khinch Ke Na Rehna

Though depriving strangers of a visit does not matter
Evading the near and dear ones does not look good

Aao Jo Mere Ghar Mein To Izzat Hai Ye Meri
Woh Samne Seerhi Hai Jo Manzoor Ho Ana

My house will be honored by a visit by you
A ladder is before you if you decide to step in

Makhi Ne Suni Baat Jo Makre Ki To Boli
Hazrat! Kisi Nadan Ko Dijiye Ga Ye Dhoka

Hearing this the fly said to the spider,
"Sire, you should entice some simpleton thus

Iss Jaal Mein Makhi Kabhi Aane Ki Nahin Hai
Jo Aap Ki Seerhi Pe Charha, Phir Nahin Utra

This fly would never be pulled into your net
Whoever climbed your net could never step down”

Makre Ne Kaha Wah! Farebi Mujhay Samjhe
Tum Sa Koi Nadan Zamane Mein Na Ho Ga

The spider said, “How strange, you consider me a cheat
I have never seen a simpleton like you in the world

Manzoor Tumhari Mujhe Khatir Thi Wagarna
Kuch Faida Apna To Mera Iss Mein Nahin Tha

I only wanted to entertain you
I had no personal gain in view

Urti Huwi Ayi Ho Khuda Jane Kahan Se
Thehro Jo Mere Ghar Mein To Hai Iss Mein Bura Kya!

You have come flying from some unknown distant place
Resting for a while in my house would not harm you

Iss Ghar Mein Khai Tum Ko Dikhane Ki Hain Cheezain
Bahir Se Nazar Ata Hai Chotti Si Ye Kutiya

Many things in this house are worth your seeing
Though apparently a humble hut you are seeing

Latke Huay Darwazon Pe Bareek Hain Parde
Diwaron Ko Aaeyno Se Hai Mein Ne Sajaya

Dainty drapes are hanging from the doors
And I have decorated the walls with mirrors

Mehmanon Ke Aaram Ko Hazir Hain Bichone
Her Shaks Ko Saman Ye Mayaser Nahin Hota

Beddings are available for guests’ comforts
Not to everyone’s lot do fall these comforts.”

Makhi Ne Kaha Khair, Ye Sub Theek Hai Lekin
Mein Aap Ke Ghar Aaun, Ye Umeed Na Rakhna

The fly said, “All this may very well be
But do not expect me to enter your house

In Naram Bichonon Se Khuda Mujh Ko Bachaye
So Jaye Koi In Pe To Phir Uth Nahin Sakta

“May God protect me from these soft beds
Once asleep in them getting up again is impossible”

Makre Ne Kaha Dil Mein, Suni Baat Jo Uss Ki
Phansun Issay Kis Tarha Ye Kambakhat Hai Dana

The spider spoke to itself on hearing this talk
“How to trap it? This wretched fellow is clever

So Kaam Khushamad Se Nikalte Hain Jahan Mein
Dekho Jise Duniya Mein Khushamad Ka Hai Banda

Many desires are fulfilled with flattery in the world
All in the world are enslaved with flattery”

Ye Soch Ke Makhi Se Kaha Uss Ne Bari Bee !
Allah Ne Bakhsha Hai Bara Aap Ko Rutba

Thinking this the spider spoke to the fly thus!
“Madam, God has bestowed great honours on you!

Hoti Hai Ussay Aap Ki Soorat Se Mohhabat
Ho Jis Ne Kabi Aik Nazar Aap Ko Dekha

Everyone loves your beautiful face
Even if someone sees you for the first time

Aankhain Hain Ke Heeray Ki Chamakti Huwi Kaniyan
Ser Aap Ka Allah Ne Kalgi Se Sajaya

Your eyes look like clusters of glittering diamonds
God has adorned your beautiful head with a plume

Ye Husn, Ye Poshak, Ye Khubi, Ye Safai
Phir Iss Pe Qayamat Hai Ye Urte Huay Gana

This beauty, this dress, this elegance, this neatness!
And all this is very much enhanced by singing in flight”.

Makhi Ne Suni Jab Ye Khushamad To Pasiji
Boli Ke Nahin Aap Se Mujh Ko Koi Khatka

The fly was touched by this flattery
And spoke, “I do not fear you any more

Inkar Ki Aadat Ko Samajhti Hun Bura Mein
Sach Ye Hai Ke Dil Torna Acha Nahin Hota

I hate the habit of declining requests
Disappointing somebody is bad indeed”

Ye Baat Kahi Aur Uri Apni Jagha Se
Paas Ayi To Makre Ne Uchal Ker Ussay Pakra

Saying this it flew from its place
When it got close the spider snapped it

Bhooka Tha Kai Roz Se, Ab Hath Jo Ayi
Aaram Se Ghar Baith Ke Makhi Ko Uraya

The spider had been starving for many days
The fly provided a good leisurely meal


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  2. remember reading this in class 7.. excellent!

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    Cool i m doing this poem in class VIII.

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  10. i read it in grade 4 but still i remember this poem of allama iqbal ...........he really was a good it..!!!!

  11. can someone give a link to its central idea/markazi khayal, please?

    1. Markazi khyal is al shair maon hay --- khushamad

      So Kaam Khushamad Se Nikalte Hain Jahan Mein
      Dekho Jise Duniya Mein Khushamad Ka Hai Banda

  12. Anonymous............ he is really genious. SIR ALLAMAH IQBAL SB.

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  24. This poem has an almost similar theme to the poem 'The spider and the fly' by Mary Howitt published in 1829.
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