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(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-28) Nikal Kar Khanqahon Se Ada Kar Rasm-e-Shabiri (نکل کر خانقاہوں سے ادا کر رسم شبیری) Come out of the monastery and play the role of Shabbir

Nikl Kar Khanqahon Se Ada Kar Rasm-E-Shabeeri
Ke Faqr-E-Khanqahi Hai Faqat Andoh-O-Dilgeeri

Come out of the monastery and play the role of Shabbir,
for monastery’s faqr is but grief and affliction.

Tere Deen-O-Adab Se Aa Rahi Hai Boo’ay Ruhbani
Ye Hai Marne Wali Ummaton Ka Alam-E-Peeri

Thy religion and literature both smell of renunciation:
symbol of old age of dying nations.

Shayateen-E-Mulookiat Ki Ankhon Mein Hai Vo Jadoo
K Khud Nakhcheer Ke Dil Mein Ho Paida Zuaq-E-Nakhcheeri

Imperialism has myriads of Satans with eyes full of magic charms
that evoke among the prey an irresistible urge to be its victim.

Che Be Parwa Gazashtand Az Nawa’ay Subahgah-E-Mann
Ke Burd Aan Shor-O-Masti Az Seeh Chasmaan-E-Kashmiri !

How carelessly they passed by, with no ear to my lamentations,
The Kashmiri’s black eyes, so lacking in lustre and life, who made them so dead and mute?


  1. it is a marvellous message by allama to real muslims that only to adopt oneness alone is not the way, but to look forward against the evil

    1. Respect of Iqbal something, I reject his message altogether. 95% of Muslims do not even pray 5 times. How do you expect them to full fill the message. Giving examples of sahaba is totally wrong here. Iqbal should have written the poems of reformation rather than these colourful, excited poems.

  2. aalllaaa....just owsume...i love it...

  3. Nikl Kar Khanqahon Se Ada Kar Rasm-E-Shabeeri
    Ke Faqr-E-Khanqahi Hai Faqat Andoh-O-Dilgeeri

    Come out of the monastery and play the role of Shabbir,
    for monastery’s faqr is but grief and affliction.

    1. Can u tell me the significance of this shabbir character
      So I can understand this verse better
      I am an Iqbal follower

    2. shabeer yani hazrat imam hussain rz.a

    3. to get the meaning of Shabbiri click on the given link you I hope u will get the description of your question.

  4. There are 2 concepts to understand:
    1- Khanqahi
    2- Rasm-e-Shabbeeri
    رسم شبیری
    First is to leave all the world and pass all the time in worship i.e. taabeeh and sajjud nothing else..
    While second is not only limited to above but also to have a deep sight in social matters and to act positively to take muslim society (Pakistan) at the top (iqbal- bulandi).
    To adopt second path is the msg of islam, have Allah's fear in heart, Be Honest and participate positively contructively in ur own department to take Pakistan to heights...

    1. By the way, Iqbal never proposed pakistan. Never. He wanted to have Muslim Autonomous Regions within Indian Union in his famous Allahbad speech. Also, he wrote to Times, that he cannot even think of a separate nation. I challenge the moderator to publish these comments. And if you dont, then I am happy not to participate with falsehood. Jazkakallah Kahirun.

    2. i think u love to see muslim get lynch every now n then by hindus

    3. You Know Iqbal is one of the bigest Advocate of Two nation theory. It is he who emphasis muslim leader of india to work their identity as muslim not as an indian. His thinking and philosophy total round about the muslim not hindu. and pakistan was not suddenly came to exit. Behind the creation of Pakistan was a long experince of muslim with congress and hindu.

  5. I love this blog, Thanks for making this, May Allah give you ajr-e-Azeem for it.

    With lots of prays


  6. who is shabir according to Allama?

  7. is there any forum to find urdu tashreeh of Iqbal's poetry?