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(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-39) Aan Azam-e-Buland Awar Aan Soz-e-Jigar Awar (آن عزم بلند آور آن سوز جگر آور) Nourish that lofty will and burning heart

Aan Azam-E-Buland Awar Aan Soz-E-Jigar Awar
Shamsheer-E-Pidr Khawahi Bazoo’ay Padar Awar

Nourish that lofty will and burning heart,
get back your father’s arms if thou wish’st to have his sword.


  1. Owais Ahmed Ghani6 October 2016 at 21:12

    A short & hard-hitting poem. I have rendered it in english as:

    Bring forth a Heart of ambitions a lofty spire!
    Bring forth a Passionate Soul ablaze with Spiritual Fire!

    If the Sword of God be the mighty sword to which you aspire?
    Bring forth those Arms of steel sinews that forged a World Empire!

  2. Well translated governor sb .