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(Bang-e-Dra-025) Insan Aur Bazm-e-Qudrat

Insan Aur Bazm-e-Qudrat
Man And Nature

Subah Khursheed-e-Durakhsan Ko Jo Dekha Main Ne
Bazm-e-Maamoora-e-Hasti Se Ye Pucha Main Ne

Watching at daybreak the bright sun come forth
I asked the assembled host of heaven and earth—

Par Tu-e-Mehr Ke Dam Se Hai Ujala Tera
Seem-e-Sayyal Hai Pani Tere Daryaon Ka

Your radiant looks are kindled by that glowing orb’s warm beams
That turns to rippling silver your flowing streams;

Mehr Ne Noor Ka Ziawar Tujhe Pehnaya Hai
Teri Mehfil Ko Issi Shama Ne Chamkaya Hai

That sun it is that clothes you in these ornaments of light,
And whose torch burns to keep your concourse bright.

Gul-o-Gulzar Tere Khuld Ki Tasveerain Hain
Ye Sabhi Surah-e-‘Wa Shamas’ Ki Tafseerain Hain

Your roses and rose‐gardens are pictures of Paradise
Where the Scripture of The Sun paints its device;

Surkh Poshak Hai Phoolon Ki, Darakht Ki Hari
Teri Mehfil Mein Koi Sabz, Koi Laal Pari

Scarlet the mantle of the flower, and emerald of the tree,
Green and red sylphs of your consistory;

Hai Tere Khaima-e-Gardoon Ki Talayi Jhalar
Badliyan Laal Si Ati Hain Ufaq Par Jo Nazar

Your tall pavilion, the blue sky. Is fringed with tasselled gold
When round the horizons ruddy clouds are rolled,

Kya Bhali Lagti Hai Ankhon Ki Shafaq Ki Laali
Mai-e-Gulrang Khum-e-Shaam Mein Tu Ne Dali

And when into evening’s goblet your rose-tinted nectar flows
How lovely the twilight’s soft vermilion glows!

Rutba Tera Hai Bara, Shan Bari Hai Teri
Parda-e-Noor Mein Mastoor Hai Har Shay Teri

Your station is exalted, and your splendor: over all
Your creatures light lies thick, a dazzling pall;

Subah Ek Geet Sarapa Hai Teri Sitwat Ka
Zair-e-Khursheed Nishan Tak Bhi Nahin Zulmat Ka

To your magnificence the dawn is one high hymn of praise,
No rag of night lurks on it in that sun’s blaze.

Main Bhi Abad Hun Iss Noor Ki Basti Mein Magar
Jal Gya Phir Meri Taqdeer Ka Akhtar Khunkar?

And I—I too inhabit this abode of light; but why
Is the star burned out that rules my destiny?

Noor Se Door Hun Zulmat Mein Griftar Hun Main
Kyun Siyah-e-Roz, Sayah Bakht, Siyah Kar Hun Main?

Why chained in the dark, past reach of any ray,
Ill‐faring and ill‐fated and ill‐doing must I stay?

Main Ye Kehta Tha Ke Awaz Kahin Se Ayi
Baam-e-Gardoon Se Ya Sehan-e-Zameen Se Ayi

Speaking, I heard a voice from somewhere sound,
From heaven’s balcony or near the ground—

Hai Tere Noor Se Wabasta Meri Bood-o-Nabood
Baghban Hai Teri Hasti Bay-e-Gulzar-e-Wujood

You are creation’s gardener, flowers live only in your seeing,
By your light hangs my being or not‐being;

Anjuman Husn Ki Hai Tu, Teri Tasveer Hun Main
Ishq Ka Tu Hai Sahifa, Teri Tafseer Hun Main

All beauty is in you: I am the tapestry of your soul;
I am its key, but you are Love’s own scroll.

Mere Bighre Huwe Kamon Ko Banaya Tu Ne
Baar Jo Mujh Se Na Utha Woh Uthaya Tu Ne

The load that would not leave me you have lifted from my shoulder,
You are all my chaotic work’s re‐moulder.

Noor-e-Khursheed Ki Mohtaj Hai Hasti Meri
Aur Be Minnat-e-Khursheed Chamak Hai Teri

If I exist, it is only as a pensioner of the sun,
Needing no aid from whom your spark burns on;

Ho Na Khursheed To Weeran Ho Gulistan Mera
Manzil-e-Aysh Ki Ja Naam Ho Zindan Mera

My garden would turn wilderness if the sun should fail,
This sojourn of delight a prison’s pale.

Ah! Ae Raaz-e-Ayan Ke Na Samajh Wale!
Halqa-e-Daam-e-Tammana Mein Ulajh Wale

Oh you entangled in the snare of longing and unrest,
Still ignorant of a thing so manifest—

Haye Ghafla Ke Teri Ankh Hai Paband-e-Majaz
Naaz Zaiba Tha Tujhe, Tu Hai Magar Garm-e-Niaz

Dullard, who should be proud, and still by self‐contempt enslaved
Bear in your brain illusion deep engraved—

Tu Agar Apni Haqiqat Se Khabardar Rahe
Na Siyah Roz Rahe Phir Na Siyahkaar Rahe

If you would weigh your worth at its true rate,
No longer would ill‐faring or ill‐doing be your fate!


  1. this is one of the masterpieces of iqbal...

  2. Thanks a lot for this blog.
    I often read this blog, haven't found any other website as rich with iqbal's content/wisdom as yours.
    Keep it up, Thanks again, Jazakallah.

  3. I love Iqbals poetry, sometimes it marches with Wordsworth's The Prelude.