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(Bang-e-Dra-050) Gulzar-e-Hast-o-Bood Na Beganawar Dekh

Gulzar-e-Hast-o-Bood Na Beganawar Dekh
Hai Dekhne Ki Cheez Isse Bar Bar Dekh

Do not look at the garden of existence like a stranger
It is a thing worth looking at, look at it repeatedly

Aya Hai Tu Jahan Mein Msal-e-Sharar Dekh
Dam De Na Jaye Hasti-e-Na-Paidar Dekh

You have come into the world like a spark, beware
Lest your ephemeral life may end suddenly, beware

Mana Ke Teri Deed Ke Qabil Nahin Hun Main
Tu Mera Shauq Dekh, Mera Intizar Dekh

Granted that I am not worthy of your Sight
You should look at my zeal, and look at my perseverance

Kholi Hain Zauq-e-Deed Ne Ankhain Teri Agar
Har Reh Guzar Mein Naqsh-e-Kaf-e-Paye Yaar Dekh

If your eyes have been opened by the longing for Sight
Look for the foot prints of the Beloved in every lane


  1. Beautiful... Thanks for this wonderful work.

  2. Subhan Allah, no match of Dr Sb (Allam Iqbals poetry).

  3. Iqbal was a wonderful poet. But partition, unfortunately, deprived us of his inimitable style and talent. He was the unforgettable author of "Saare Jahan se Achha hindustan hamara".

  4. Constant endeavour to elevate man to the zenith of spirituality...
    Thanks for the perfect and meaningful translation....