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(Bang-e-Dra-056) Zahir Ki Ankh Se Na Tamasha Kare Koi

Zahir Ki Ankh Se Na Tamasha Kare Koi
Ho Dekhna To Didah-e-Dil Wa Kare Koi

One should not see the Spectacle with the material eye
If one wants to see Him he should open the insight’s eye

Mansoor Ko Huwa Lab-e-Goya  Payam-e-Mout
Ab Kya Kisi Ke Ishq Ka Dawa Kare Koi

His talking lip was death’s message to Mansur
How can anybody dare to claim Someone’s Love now

Ho Deed Ka Jo Shauq To Ankhon Ko Band Kar
Hai Dekhna Yehi Ke Na Dekha Kare Koi

Close your eyes if you want taste for the Sight
The real Seeing is that one should not try to see Him

Main Intihaye Ishq Hun, Tu Intihaye Husn
Dekhe Mujhe Ke Tujh Ko Tamasha Kare Koi

I am the extreme Love, Thou art the extreme Beauty
One should see me or witness Thy Spectacle

Uzr Afreen-e-Jurm- Hai Husn-e-Dost
Mehshar Mein Uzr Taza Na Paida Kare Koi

The Beloved’s Beauty is the creator of excuse for Love’s crime
One need not create a new excuse on the Day of Judgment

Chupti Nahin Hai Ye Nigah-e-Shauq Hum-Nasheen
Phir Aur Kis Tarah Unhain Dekha Kare Koi

O Companion! It is not possible to close this zealous eye!
In what other manner should one try to witness Him

Arh Baithe Kya Samajh Ke Bhala Toor Par Kaleem
Taqqat Ho Deed Ki To Taqaza Kare Koi

With what thought did Kaleem become insistent on the Tur?
One should request for the Sight if he has the power for the Sight

Nazare Ko Ye Junbish-e-Mazgan Bhi Bar Hai
Nargis Ki Ankh Se Tujhe Dekha Kare Koi

Even the eyebrow’s movement is unwelcome to the Sight
With the eye of the narcissus should one see Thee

Khul Jaen, Kya Maze Hain Tamanaye Shauq Mein
Do Char Din Jo Meri Tamanna Kare Koi

The pleasures of the Longings of Love will be manifest
If one has Longing like me for a few days


  1. Very nice poetry, your result is on 1st page of Google while I was searching for "Arr bethe bhala kya samajh kar toor par kaleem"... It's really nice to see the Pakistani poetry with 3 different styles on single post...! Keep it up!

  2. asalam-o-alaikum
    faqeer sb, kia aap koe link ya koe tariqa bta sakty hain jahan se baba ji ke ashar ki kuch tashreeh mil saky k samjh ajaen.


    yahan se help le skte ho

  4. SUBHANALLAH, beutiful poetry by Allama Iqbal. He was the best poet of his era.Allah jannat mein nunke darjat buland farmaye

  5. Beautiful poetry by Allama Iqbal. He is the best poet I've ever read. ALLAH jannat mein unke darjat buland farmaye.

  6. A good poem.

  7. Can anyone please explain the deeper meaning of this poem.. What is being talked about in it.