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(Bang-e-Dra-064) Haqiqat-e-Husn

Beauty's Essence

Khuda Se Husn Ne Ek Roz Ye Sawal Kiya
Jahan Mein Kyun Na Mujhe Tu Ne La-Zawal Kiya

Beauty asked God one day
This question: ‘Why Didst Thou not make me, in Thy world, undying?’

Mila Jawab Ke Tasveer-e-Khana Hai Dunya
Shab-e-Daraz-e-Aadam Ka Fasana Hai Dunya

And God replying— ‘A picture‐show is this world:
All this world a tale out of the long night of not‐being;

Huwi Hai Rang-e-Taghiyar Se Jab Namood Uss Ki
Wohi Haseen Hai Haqiqat Zawal Hai Jis Ki

And in it, seeing tts nature works through mutability,
That only is lovely whose essence knows decay.’

Kahin Qareeb Tha, Ye Gutugu Qamar Ne Suni
Falak Pe Aam Huwi, Akhtar-e-Sehar Ne Suni

The moon stood near and heard this colloquy,
The words took wing about the sky and reached the morning‐star;

Sehar Ne Tare Se Sun Kar Sunayi Shabnam Ko
Falak Ki Baat Bata Di Zameen Ke Mehram Ko

Dawn learned them from its star, and told the dew—
It told the heavens’ whisper to Earth’s poor familiar;

Bhar Aye Phool Ke Ansu Payam-e-Shabnam Se
Kali Ka Nanha Sa Dil Khoon Ho Gya Gham Se

And at the dew’s report the flower’s eye filled,
With pain the new bud’s tiny heartbeat thrilled;

Chaman Se Rota Huwa Mousam-e-Bahar Gya
Shabab Sair Ko Aya Tha, Sogawar Gya

Springtime fled from the garden, weeping;
Youth, that had come to wander there, went creeping sadly away.


    kia hee baat hay Murshad paak kee

  2. wow
    great iqbal

  3. puray mahool ko 1 ghazal me dhal dya, kesay khubsurat ilfaaz hein k ilfazoo ka bhi husn khil utha

  4. puray mahool ko 1 ghazal me dhal dya, kesay khubsurat ilfaaz hein k ilfazoo ka bhi husn khil utha

    1. Yr Kya Aap Shuru K Kuch lines Ko Urdu Mai Explain Kr Skty Hai???
      Shuru K Kuch Lines Samaj Mai Nhe Aarhe😕😕

  5. bus ek hi tha. Iqbal ek hi tha..

    1. sahi kaha. Aisa fir kisi maa ne jana nahi !!! Unique !

  6. ye excellent ha

  7. Yes indeed, this could be only be said by the one & only, Husne-e-takhayyul; Allama Sahab. At this point, I would like to mention that the 2nd misra of the first sher as mentioned: "Jahan Mein Kyoon Na Mujhe Tu Ne Lazawal Kiya" should be as: "Jahan Mein Tu Ne Mujhe Kyoon Na Lazawal Kiya"

  8. Perfect! It contains a very vital message about the beauty that lies within mortality..

    1. or the fact that beauty is a temporary thing and we shouldn't adhere much importance with it

  9. Change is the essance of everything. All attractions are owing to change. It is the divine law behind everethink.

  10. Koi iski tshrih kr dy plsss
    In easy wordas

  11. Wohi haseen hai haqeeqat zawaal hai jis amazing

  12. mujha tou gila tujh se hay europe se nahein -

    doosra misra likh ker sher mukamal kareen.

  13. Have learnt this in my childhood and still remember. Today I recited in front of my kids. Great said by great poet.

  14. Allah murshad ko apnay qurb ki jzaa day