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(Bang-e-Dra-011) Maan Ka Khawab

Maan Ka Khawab
(Makhooz - Bachon Ke Liye)

A Mother’s Dream
(Adopted For Children From William Cowper)

Mein Soyi Jo Ek Shab To Dekha Ye Khawab
Barha Aur Jis Se Mera Iztarab

As I slept one night I saw this dream
Which further increased my vexation

Ye Dekha Ke Mein Ja Rahi Hun Kahin
Andhera Hai Aur Rah Milti Nahin

I dreamt I was going somewhere on the way
Dark it was and impossible to find the way

Larazta Tha Der Se Mera Baal Baal
Qadam Ka Tha Dehshat Se Uthna Mahal

Trembling all over with fear I was
Difficult to take even a step with fear was

Jo Kuch Hosla Pa Ke Aagay Berhi
To Dekha Qitar Aik Larkon Ki Thi

With some courage as I forward moved
I saw some boys as lined in nice array

Zumurad Si Poshak Pehne Huay
Diye Sub Ke Hathon Mein Jalte Huay

Dressed in emerald‐like raiment they were
Carrying lighted lamps in their hands they were

Woh Chup Chap Thay Agay Peche Rawan
Khuda Jane Jana Tha Un Ko Kahan

They were going quietly behind each other
No one knew where they were to go

Iss Soch Mein Thi Ke Mera Pisar
Mujhe Uss Jamat Mein Aya Nazar

Involved in this thought was I
When in this troupe my son saw I

Woh Peche Tha Aur Taez Chalta Na Tha
Diya Uss Ke Hathon Mein Jalta Na Tha

He was walking at the back, and was not walking fast
The lamp he had in his hand was not lighted

Kaha Mein Ne Pehchan Ker, Meri Jaan!
Mujhe Chor Ker Aa Gye Tum Kahan?

Recognizing him I said “O My dear!
Where have you come leaving me there?

Judai Mein Rehti Hun Main Be-Qarar
Paroti Hun Her Rouz Ashkon Ke Haar

Restless due to separation I am
Weeping every day for ever I am

Na Perwa Humari Zara Tum Ne Ki
Gye Chor, Achi Wafa Tum Ne Ki!

You did not care even a little for me
What loyalty you showed, you left me”!

Jo Bache Ne Dekha Mera Peach O Taab
Diya Uss Ne Munh Phair Ker Yun Jawab

As the child saw the distress in me
He replied thus, turning around to me

Rulati Hai Tujh Ko Juddai Meri
Nahin Uss Mein Kuch Bhi Bhalai Meri

“The separation from me makes you cry
Not least little good does this to me”

Ye Keh Ker Vo Kuch Dair Tak Chup Raha
Diya Phir Dikha Ker Ye Kehne Laga

He remained quiet for a while after talking
Showing me the lamp then he started talking

Samajhti Hai Tu Ho Gaya Kya Issay?
Tere Aanasuon Ne Bhujaya Issay!

“Do you understand what happened to this?
Your tears have extinguished this”!


  1. It was a life changing day,in the most painful way imaginable, for all of us as a family, when my baby brother died years ago. My mother had me and my younger sister and all she wanted was a baby boy. My sister and I were asked to pray to God to give us a baby brother everyday. And he finally arrived and for 2 days we were the happiest family alive and then all of a sudden, just like that he passed away.It was the first time that we saw out father cry uncontrollably- that's the thing that shocked me the most and that's one of the most enduring images in my mind, of one of the most painful days of my life. For my sister and me it was like we had lost our mother as well. For days on end she used to cry everyday. Then someone wrote this poem to her in a letter. She says it was the thing that started the process of healing and helped her manage her grief. I use the word manage not overcome- because when you can never overcome the pain of losing a child.Such is the power of poetry.
    Many years later I am at a point in my life where I have suffered a great loss and I am experiencing the worst kind of pain imaginable. And I find myself turning to Iqbal's poetry for answers and for hope.

    1. Its a testing ground sis..........the ones who r tested more are the closer one to the Creator.....stay steadfast and patient.......! windows of fresh breeze will open soon.


    3. Always be patient.....

    4. Allah tests everyone sis,....don't despair

  2. its really very impressive

  3. beautiful and most painful poem

  4. very nice,heart touching

  5. touches our heart

  6. Expressing feelings from both sides.
    Perfectly fits present scenario in society.

  7. A very very touching poem of iqbal.

  8. Heart touching......lovd it..... very useful to glue back a broken heart....

  9. I simply adore this poem for its unparraled diction and profound thought.
    People who cage birds as pets should take a message from it.
    Allama Iqbal shall remain all time great.

  10. Profound thought and simple diction are the beauty of this poem. People who cage birds as pets should take the message. Kudos to all time great poet, Allama Iqbal.

  11. Good Poem ! but So Lengthy !!!

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  16. Beautiful poem . My 80 years old mother loves it. She remembers it and sings it occasionally.

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