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(Asrar-e-Khudi-03) Rumi Aur Talash-e-Insan

But yester‐eve a lamp in hand 1
The Shaykh did all the city span,
Sick of mere ghosts he sought a man,
But could find none in all the land.
“I Rustam or a Hyder seek
I’m sick of snails, am sick,” he said,
“There’s none,” said I. He shook his head,
“There’s none like them, but still I seek.”

1 The versified translation of the quotation from Rumi is taken from Shaikh Mahmud Husain.
Strangely, Nicholson omitted it although he was best known as Rumi’s translator.


  1. Aik insan ki talash main main
    Ktni aabadyan ujar aaya.......!

  2. اللہ اللہ کرتے ھو نظر آیا مجھے
    جب ھو میں گم ہوا تو تُو نظر آیا مجھے