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(Bal-e-Jibril-010) La Phir Aik Bar Wohi Badah-o-Jaam Ae Saqi (لا پھر ایک بار وہی بادہ و جام اے ساقی) Set out once more that cup, that wine, oh Saki

La Phir Ek Baar Wohi Bada-o-Jaam Ae Saqi
Haath Aa Jaye Mujhe Mera Maqam Ae Saqi

Set out once more that cup, that wine, oh Saki—
Let my true place at last be mine, oh Saki!

Teen Sou Saal Se Hain Hind Ke Maikhane Band
Ab Munasib Hai Tera Faiz Ho Aam Ae Saqi

Three centuries India’s wine‐shops have been closed,
And now for your largesse we pine, oh Saki;

Meri Meenaye Ghazal Mein Thi Zara Si Baqi
Sheikh Kehta Hai K Hai Ye Bhi Haraam Ae Saqi

My flask of poetry held the last few drops—
Unlawful, says our crabb’d devine, oh Saki.

Sher Mardon Se Huwa Baisha-e-Tehqeeq Tehi
Reh Gye Sufi-o-Mullah Ke Ghulam Ae Saqi

Truth’s forest hides no lion‐hearts now:
Men grovel before the priest, or the saint’s shrine, oh Saki.

Ishq Ki Taigh-e-Jigardar Ura Li Kis Ne
Ilm Ke Hath Mein Khali Hai Niyam Ae Saqi

Who has borne off Love’s valiant sword?
About an empty scabbard Wisdom’s hands twine, oh Saki.

Sina Roshan Ho Tou Hai Souz-e-Sukhan Ayn-e-Hayat
Ho Na Roshan, Tou Sukhan Marg-e-Dawam Ae Saqi

Verse lights up life, while heart burns bright,
But fades for ever when those rays decline, oh Saki;

Tu Meri Raat Ko Mehtaab Se Mehroom Na Rakh
Tere Paimane Mein Hai Mah-e-Tamam Ae Saqi !

Bereave not of its moon my night;
I see a full moon in your goblet shine, oh Saki!


  1. Unbelievable & untouchable poet.

  2. ohhhh Iqbal... U r unaware of today's Muslims.
    Iqbal.. U know what is going on in ur "Salatanat-e-khudad"...???
    U know Today's "Mard-e-mujahid" are killing Muslims in Mosques...???
    U know Muslims r being killed by another "Muslim" for 'Bhatta' in Karachi...???
    U know that today's "Muhammad Bin Qasim" killing his own people in Northren Pakistan..???
    U know who is Kalifa of Islamic state in Hind.... (Zardari)...????
    If, If u alive today, may be u will die again before listening long list of muslims, what they r doing here........... :( {Tears comes out from eyes while typing this comments}

    1. who says words cant provide all over the feeling!!!!... it can be observed by reading your above comment.
      what a strong wording being paid by Iqbal!
      May ALLAH (S.W.T) rest him in peace.

    2. ..........tera dard jab mere dard mein chalak aaya.
      ..aankh se aansu ban kar nikal aaya..........

  3. it will be so better if these lines are translated thus:

    عشق کی تیغِ جگر دار اڑا لی کس نے
    علم کے ہاتھ میں خالی ہے نیام اے ساقی
    سینہ روشن ہو تو ہے سوز و سخن عین حیات
    نہ ہو روشن تو ہے مرگِ دوام اے ساقی
    Who has borne off Love’s cutting edged sword?
    The hand of knowledge is circling round an empty sheath, oh Saki
    Verse and speech is life if the heart is illuminated with wisdom in knowledge,
    It is perpetual death if the heart is not opened with wisdom, oh Saki;
    (Love: something close to the heart; Saki: any thinking soul)

    1. saki means any thinking soul. are u sure? actually i want to know " to whom did the word saqi allama iqbal referred to?"

    2. Saqi se muraad Iqbal ne Khuda ko lia hai..

  4. In every poem iqbal gives an idea of a days we r nt men of character we r men of words....this is the time to do something practically otherwise someone will take over our place...........

  5. To understand IQBAL(R.A), it is important to know basics of his philosophy.In these verses Iqbal tried to make realize us the importance of purity of heart n soul.If our heart n soul is diseased (according to Qur'an) with seen and unseen sins(jealousy, pride,hatred for others etc) that person can,t understand the divine messages given by Allah through his chosen people.then our knowledge becomes useless it may help us earn material gains but does,t support making us good human being(representative of GOD) on earth. words n actions of only the owner of purified heart n soul filled with love for mankind make sense.the others are dead bodies like us. Qur'an called these people alive ones whose heart n soul is purified and the other ones as dead.

  6. Teen Sou Saal Se Hain Hind Ke Maikhane Band
    Ab Munasib Hai Tera Faiz Ho Aam Ae Saqi

    Can anybody explain the deeper meaning of above "sher"

    What Allam Iqbal wants to say by 300 years .

    1. I think he is referring to mujjadid al afsani, sheikh farooq Ahmed sirhandi!

  7. I agree about the 300 years, it is referring to His Majesty the Great Sheikh Hazrat Ahmed Sirhindi al-Farooqi (RA).

    Also, Saaki=the Person who pours the wine into the glass

    The wine here is "Hidayat", and the Saaki in this context is the Hidayat Giver, who is none other than Allah Azza-wa-Jal Himself.

    Moudud, NY, USA

  8. In this couplet IQbal referring Bada o jaam to Qiran in which allah has tittle of muslims that Khair Ummat , Ummat e wasat and Khalifa of Allah so iqbal is saying give me Quran and let me read so that again again i want to know my titles and honor

  9. Teen sau saal se means from last three hundred years Hind is not having search and thinking on Quran they had not even alowed translation so now people are coming closer with translation so he says may now its beuty of Quran will be revealed

    1. Excellent poet.My only favourite poet .And explanations given above are also correct.masha Allah.

  10. we must search kay 300 sal pehlay konsa mehkhana khula jo 300 sal say band hay .... jo iqbal ky mutabiq phr khulnay ko hay ............

  11. تو نے کر دیا کمال۔۔۔
    اے قوم کے اقبال۔۔۔۔