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(Bal-e-Jibril-014) Zameer-e-Lala Mai-e-Laal Se Huwa Labraiz (ضمیر لالہ مے لعل سے ہوا لبریز) By dint of Spring the poppy‐cup, With vintage red is over‐flown

 Zameer-e-Lala Mai’ay La’al Se Huwa Labraiz
Ishara Pate Hi Sufi Ne Tor Di Parhaiz

By dint of Spring the poppy‐cup, With vintage red is over‐flown:
With her advent the hermit too temperance to the wind hath thrown.

Bichayi Hai Jo Kahin Ishq Ne Bisat Apni
Kiya Hai Iss Ne Faqeeron Ko Waris-e-Parvaiz

When great and mighty force of Love at some place its flag doth raise,
Beggars dressed in rags and sack become heirs true to King Parvez.

Purane Hain Ye Sitare, Falak Bhi Farsudah
Jahan Woh Chahiye Mujh Ko Ke Ho Abi Naukhaiz

Antique the stars and old the dome in which they roam about and move:
I long for new and virgin soil where my mettle I may prove.

Kise Khabar Hai Ke Hangama’ay Nishor Hai Kya
Teri Nigah Ki Gardish Hai Meri Rasta Khaiz

The stir and roar of Judgement Day hath no dread for me at all:
Thine roving glance doth work on me like the Last Day’s Trumpet Call.

Na Cheen Lazzat-e-Aah-e-Sahar-Gehi Mujh Se
Na Kar Nigah Se Tughafil Ko Iltifat Amaiz

Snatch not from me the blessing great of sighs heaved at early morn:
With a casual loving look weaken not thine fierce scorn.

Dil-e-Ghameen Ke Muwafiq Bahin Hai Mousam-e-Gul
Sada’ay Murgh-e-Chaman Hai Bohat Nishaat Angaiz

My sad and broken heart disdains the Spring and dower that she brings:
Too joyous the song of nightingale! I feel more gloomy when it sings.

Hadees-e-Bekhabran Hai, Tu Ba-Zamana Ba-Saaz
Zamana Ba Toon-Saazd, Tu Ba Zamana Sataiz

Unwise are those who tell and preach accord with times and the age.
If the world befits you not, A war against it you must wage.

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