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(Bal-e-Jibril-016) Apni Jolangah Zair-e-Asman Samjha Tha Main (اپنی جولاں گاہ زیر آسمان سمجھا تھا) Methought my racing field lay under the skies

Apni Jolangah Zair-e-Asman Samjha Tha Mein
Aab-o-Gil Ke Khail Ko Apna Jahan Samjha Tha Mein

Methought (Me-thinks) my racing field lay under the skies,
This plaything of water and clay, I regarded as my world;

Behijabi Se Teri Toota Nigahon Ka Tilism
Ek Rida’ay Neelgoon Ko Asman Samjha Tha Mein

Thy unveiling broke the spell of searching glances,
I mistook this blue vault for Heaven.

Karwan Thak Kar Faza Ke Paich-o-Kham Mein Reh Gya
Meher-o-Mah-o-Mushtari Ko Hum Ana Samjha Tha Mein

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, methought, would keep me company,
Fatigued, they dropped out in the twists and turns of space:

Ishq Ki Ek Jast Ne Tay Kar Diya Qissa Tamam
Iss Zameen-o-Asman Ko Be-Karan Samjha Tha Mein

One leap by Love ended all the pother,
I fondly imagined, the earth and sky were boundless.

Keh Gayen Raaz-e-Mohabbat Parda-Dari-e-Haye Shauq
Thi Faghan Who Bhi Jise Zabt-e-Faghan Samjha Tha Mein

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Thi Kisi Darmanda Rehro Ki Sada’ay Dardnaak
Jis Ko Awaz-e-Raheel-e-Karwan Samjha Tha Mein

What I esteemed as the clarion call of the caravan,
Was but the plaintive cry of a traveller, weary and forlorn.


  1. It is a great effort of Dr. Iqbal to awake Ummah by his effortless motivations.

  2. Allama Iqbal throws light from different angles and shows hidden secrets of life and nature.He puts enthusiasm in us thereby putting us on track of hard work and devotion. Hence he is great.

  3. Can someone tell the real meaning of these couplets? Especially the first one.

    1. Dear reader. Allama Iqbal wants to say that he took all his life in this world within the sphere/ CIRCLE of sky and earth. But as narrated in his later verse he says his first thinking was not true but the truth is ISHAQ ( LOVE OF GOD ) WAS SUPREME IN TRUE SENSE. I hope you got it.

    2. If you wanted to understand further you can contact me on

  4. It would be made more better but still satisfactory.

  5. The meaning of 1st verse? Let me try.
    The playing field of [a believer] is not this world.
    It connects to the 2nd.
    [God's] unveiling broke the spell, [and clarified] that physical universe is not the limit.
    Now, the second last verse.
    My eagerness revealed to me the secret of love; the efforts to control the grief was grief in itself.

  6. i am astonished what kind of emotions and love he had in his heart.

    1. Whatever I feel and believe it is a matter of his spiritual height and emotions without which we may not reach his thoughts. This can be well understood by adopting spiritual leanings.