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(Bal-e-Jibril-027) Phir Charagh-e-Lala Se Roshan Huwe Koh-o-Daman

Phir Charagh-E-Lala Se Roshan Huway Koh-O-Daman
Mujh Ko Phir Naghmon Pe Uksane Laga Murg-E-Chaman

Hill and vale once more under the poppy’s lamps are bright,
In my heart the nightingale has set new songs alight;

Phool Hain Sehra Mein Ya Pariyan Qitar Andar Qitar
Ude Ude, Neele Neele, Peele Peele Payrhan

Violet, violet, azure, azure, golden, golden, mantles—
Flowers, or fairies of the desert, rank on rank in sight?

Barg-E-Gul Par Rakh Gyi Shabnam Ka Moti Bad-E-Subah
Aur Chamkati Hai Iss Moti Ko Sooraj Ki Kiran

On the rosy‐spray dawn’s soft breeze has left a pearl of dew,
Now the sunbeam turns this gem a yet more glittering white.

Husn-E-Beparwa Ko Apni Be-Naqabi Ke Liye
Hun Agar Shehron Se Bann Payare To Shehar Ache K Bann

Town or woodland, which is sweeter, if for her unveiling
Careless beauty love towns less than where green woods invite?

Apne Mann Mein Doob Kar Pa Ja Suragh-E-Zindagi
Tu Agar Mera Nahin Banta Na Bann, Apna To Bann

Delve into your soul and there seek our life’s buried tracks;
Will you not be mine? then be not mine, be your own right!

Mann Ki Duniya! Mann Ki Dunya Souz-O-Masti, Jazab-O-Shauq
Tann Ki Dunya! Tann Ki Dunya Sood-O-Soda, Maker-O-Fann

World of soul—the world of fire and ecstasy and longing:
World of sense—the world of gain that fraud and cunning blight;

Mann Ki Doulat Hath Ati Hai To Phir Jati Nahin
Tann Ki Doulat Chaon Hai, Ata Hai Dhan Jata Hai Dhan

Treasure of the soul once won is never lost again:
Treasure gold, a shadow—wealth soon comes and soon takes flight.

Mann Ki Duniya Mein Na Paya Mein Ne Afrangi Ka Raaj
Man Ki Duniya Mein Na Dekhe, Mein Ne Sheikh-O-Barhaman

In the spirit’s world I have not seen a white man’s Raj,
In that world I have not seen Hindu and Muslim fight.

Pani Pani Kar Gyi Mujh Ko Qalandar Ki Ye Baat
Tu Jhuka Jab Ghair Ke Agay, Na Mann Tera Na Tann

Shame and shame that hermit’s saying pouted on me—you forfeit
Body and soul alike if once you cringe to another’s might!


  1. salam us maan ko jis ny Iqbal jesy bety ko janam dia

  2. We are proud of you Dr. Iqbal

  3. our proud....Great Iqbal.....

  4. Bohat bohat shukria,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, meri bohat bari mushkil aasan hogai.

  5. Really appreciate the efforts whoever has taken for Iqbal's work.
    One thing I want to suggest is that please take care of correct pronunciation in transliteration of poetry.
    e.g Bad-E-Subah, it should be Bade-E-Subh likewise there are various words in different books. Thanks!

  6. Allah Iqbal ko apni jaware Rahmat me jaga dein and Allah hum me aur bohot se Iqbal paida kar...Aameen

  7. Allama Iqbal guides us to Obey Allah, follow the Quran and help others , be humble and Love for Prophets family. Then we can be successful. Success is within you , Kudi me doob kar.....
    Kabhi aey, Naujawan Muslim! taddabur bhi kiya tu ney?
    Wo kya gardon tha tu jis ka hai ik toota hua tara
    Tujhey uss qaum nay pala hai aaghosh-e-mohabbat main
    Kuchal dala tha jis nay paon main taaj-e-sir-e-dara

    Khudi ko ker buland itna kay her taqdeer say pehley
    Khuda bandey say khud poochey bata teri raza kya hai

  8. iqbal was a gift of Allah and his poetry is also.......

  9. Timeless and beautiful words
    and a beautiful ideal to live life by

  10. He was a great man and poet of Asia

  11. "Man Ki Duniya Mein Na Dekhe, Mein Ne Sheikh-O-Barhaman" should be translated as "In the land of the spirit I see no muslims and no hindus"
    where did you get fight from?
    Please don't add your own interpretation to the translation

    1. I fully agree with you, but what they're trying to do is poetic translation.They are translating it into an English poem with the same rhyme scheme as the original one.

    2. what does that mean by the way either.Does that mean that in reality in eyes of God there is no Hindu or Muslim, just Human???as if both are on straight path and lead to God?

    3. That means there's no upper or caste.

  12. sadiq jaffery, u r absltly ri8

  13. Pani Pani Kar Gyi Mujh Ko Qalandar Ki Ye Baat
    Tu Jhuka Jab Ghair Ke Agay, Na Mann Tera Na Tann

    Shame and shame that hermit’s saying pouted on me—you forfeit
    Body and soul alike if once you cringe to another’s might!

  14. Wah IQBAL, May Allah be pleased with you and what you did for your nation. In all reality we didn’t understand nor we tried to understand his deep message for us. Unfortunately we lost his message and especially the young and new generation. Had Iqbal was born in West, they would have elevated his ranks, his teachings by practically obeying his teachings. We surely missed it, lost him and his message. Let’s try to understand, and act upon his msg of Khudi, sincerity, and self respect. We may rise again as a proud nation.

  15. حکومتِ پاکستان کو چاہیے کہ علامہ کا کلام سکولوں میں پڑھانے کا بدوبست کرے اور ہر طالبِ علم کو یاد کروا دیا جائے صحیح طریقے سے سمجھایا بھی جائے دیکھنا پھر یہ قوم کیسے صحیح معنوں میں قومِ رسولِ ہاشمی ﷺ بنتی ہے.

  16. U need to look at first line to understand the perspective. Iqbal saying World of soul is free from any man made masters either White men or Relegious bigots. Sheikh o Barhmen are the symbols of Relegious control and manifestation.