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(Bal-e-Jibril-053) Khirad Mandon Se Kya Poochun Ke Meri Ibtada Kya Hai

Khird-Mandon Se Kya Puchon Ke Meri Ibtida Kya Hai
Ke Main Iss Fikar Mein Rehta Hun, Meri Intiha Kya Hai

What should I ask the sages about my origin:
I am always wanting to know my goal.

Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehle
Khuda Bande Se Khud Puche, Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai

Develop the self so that before every decree
God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”

Maqam-e-Guftugu Kya Hai Agar Main Keemiya-Gar Hun
Yehi Souz-e-Nafas Hai, Aur Meri Keemiya Kya Hai!

It is nothing to talk about if I transform base selves into gold:
The passion of my voice is the only alchemy I know!

Nazar Ayeen Mujhe Taqdeer Ki Gehraiyan Uss Mein
Na Puch Ae Hum-Nasheen Mujh Se Woh Chashm-e-Surma Sa Kya Hai

O Comrade, I beheld the secrets of Destiny in them—
What should I tell you of those lustrous eyes!

Agar Hota Woh Majzoob*-e-Farangi Iss Zamane Mein
To Iqbal Uss Ko Samjhata Maqam-e-Kibriya Kya Hai

Only if that majzub1 of the West were living in these times,
Iqbal could have explained to him the ‘I am.’

Nawa-e-Subahgahi Ne Jigar Khoon Kar Diya Mera
Khudaya Jis Khata Ki Ye Saza Hai, Woh Khata Kya Hai!

My heart bleeds from the song of the early morning:
O Lord! What is the sin for which this is a punishment?

*Germani Ka Mashoor Majzoob Falsafi Natsha Jo Apne Qalbi Wardaat Ka Sahih Andaza Na Kar Saka Aur Issliye Iss Ke Falsafiyana Afkar Ne Isse Gallat Raste Par Dal Diya.

*Nietzsche, the famous self‐absorbed German philosopher who could not interpret his inner experience correctly and was therefore misled by his philosophical thoughts.


  1. I love this cidpusa Iqbal is awesome we love him at org

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  3. very beautiful

  4. Shabnam Mushtari2 February 2015 at 13:26

    Unique! unearthly ! Reading great Iqbal's poems, is, like flying towards heaven............................... !!!

  5. If you can understand what Iqbal perceived you would not have been imperceptive to farthest extent he was biased against any erotic black stature and hence proved how well guided his perception was


  7. Iqbal to Iqbal hai
    Her sher Oska kamal hai
    Ghalti koi nikaly to
    Esa kis mein majal hai
    Mein khud b hoon madah oska
    Iqbal sirf Iqbal hai

  8. World's best Poet. Proud to You @DrAllamaIqbal

  9. Friedrich Nietzsche give phenomena of nihilism that nothing exist iqbal says that we denial the existence of every thing but not self(khudi) it's denial is also the prove of his existence but Nietzsche in contrasts say that every thing is a perception or merely a deception we cant define existence of self unless and until we have some opposite of it because every thing is differentiated by its opposite

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