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(Bal-e-Jibril-062) Khudi Ho Ilm Se Mohkam To Ghairat-e-Jibreel

Khudi Ho Ilm Se Muhkam To Ghairat-e-Jibreel
Agar Ho Ishq Se Muhkam To Soor-e-Israfeel

If self with knowledge strong becomes, Gabriel it can envious make:
If fortified with passion great, Like trump of Israfil can shake.

Azab-e-Danish-e-Hazir Se Ba-Khabar Hun Mein
Ke Main Iss Aag Mein Dala Gya Hun Misl-e-Khalil (A.S.)

The scourge of present science and thought, To me, no doubt, is fully known,
Like Abraham, the Friend of God, In its flame I have been thrown.

Faraib Khurdah-e-Manzil Hai Karwan Warna
Zaida Rahat-e-Manzil  Se Hai Nishat-e-Raheel

The caravan in quest of goal by charm of lodge is led astray,
Though never can the ease of lodge be same as joy to be on way.

Nazar Nahin To Mere Halqa-e-Sukhan Mein Na Baith
Ke Nukta Haye Khudi Hain Misaal-e-Taeg-e-Aseel

If seeing eye you do not own, Among my listeners do not pause,
For subtle points about the self, Like sword, deep yawning wounds can cause.

Mujhe Woh Dars-e-Farang Aaj Yad Ate Hain
Kahan Huzoor Ki Lazzat, Kahan Hijab-e-Daleel !

Still to mind I can recall, In Europe what I learnt by heart:
But can the veil of Reason match with joy that Presence can import.

Andheri Shab Hai, Juda Apne Qafle Se Hai Tu
Tere Liye Hai Mera Shaola-e-Nawa, Qandeel

From caravan you are adrift, and night has donned a mantle black:
For you my song that burns as flame, like a torch, can light the track.

Ghareeb-o-Sada-o-Rangeen Hai Dastan-e-Haram
Nahayat Iss Ki Hussain (R.A.), Ibtada Hai Ismaeel (A.S.)

The tale of the Holy Shrine, if told, is simple, strange and red in hue:
With Ismail (A.S.) the tale begins ends with Husain (R.A.), the martyr true.


  1. Salute to Sir Allama Iqbal. What an Intuition.

  2. Iqbal bs aik tha un k jesa sair aj tk peda nahi howa

  3. Nazar Nahin To Mere Halqa-e-Sukhan Mein Na Baith
    ...aama di gal khasan agay. nai munasib krni.
    meethi kheer muhammad bakhsa kutian agay dharni.