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(Bal-e-Jibril-075) Har Ek Maqam Se Agay Guzar Gya Mah-e-Nau

Har Ek Maqam Se Agay Guzar Gya Mah-e-Nau
Kamal Kis Ko Mayasar Huwa Hai Be-Tag-e-Dou !

Through many a stage the crescent goes and then at last full moon it grows:
Perfection no one can attain, save by dint of strife and strain.

Nafs Ke Zor Se Woh Ghuncha Wa Huwa Bhi To Kya
Jise Naseeb Nahin Aftab Ka Partou

The bud that gets no share of light from the sun that shines so bright,
And opens through its inner urge is bereft of life’s full surge.

Nigah Paak Hai Teri To Pak Hai Dil Bhi
Ke Dil Ko Haq Ne Kiya Hai Nigah Ka Pairo

If your gaze of sins be free, Then chaste and pure your heart shall be,
For God the Mighty has decreed that heart shall follow and gaze shall lead.

Panap Saka Na Khayaban Mein Lala-e-Dil Souz
Ke Saazgar Nahin Ye Jahan-e-Gandum-o-Jou

The tulip red with heart afire in avenue could not thrive and spire,
As this world of corn and wheat for tulip wild could not be meet.

Rahe Na  Aebak-o-Ghauri Ke Maarke Baqi
Hamasha Taza-o-Sheerin Hai Naghma-e-Khusro

Great wars by Aibak and Ghauri fought by the world are all forgot;
But the lays of Khusrau still our hearts with joy and pleasure fill.

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