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(Bal-e-Jibril-093) Na Momin Hai Na Momin Ki Ameeri

Na Momin Hai Na Momin Ki Ameeri
Raha Sufi, Gyi Roshan Zameeri

Neither the Muslim nor his power survives;
The Sufi has outlived his radiant soul;

Khuda Se Phir Wohi Qalb-o-Nazar Mang
Nahin Mumkin Ameeri Be-Faqeeri

Ask God for the heart and soul of men of the past,
Become a fakir, first, to regain thy power.

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  1. Dear IqbalUrdu.blogspot Team,

    I would like to thank hundred times for your such assiduous efforts to spread teachings and intellect of Iqbal. I have been regular visitor of this site and whenever a forgotten shair of Dr.Iqbal comes in my mind I refer to this site through google. I guess this way Dr. Iqbal's poetry n philosophy will remain in our hearts n minds through your efforts.

    thanks n regards,
    God Bless you all.