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(Bal-e-Jibril-110) Kabhi Tanhai-e-Koh-o-Daman Ishq

Kabhi Tanhai-e-Koh-o-Daman Ishq
Kabhi Souz-o-Suroor-o-Anjuman Ishq

Love, sometimes, is the solitude of Nature;
It is, sometime, merrymaking and company-seeking:

Kabhi Sarmaya-E-Mehrab-o-Manbar
Kabhi Moula Ali (R.A.) Khaybar Shikan Ishq!

Sometime the legacy of the mosque and the pulpit,
Sometime Lord Ali the Vanquisher of the Khyber!


  1. Iqbal was truly in love with ahleb_bait. It is sad that most of his Kalama regarding the family of rasool
    Allah (saw) has been deleted from his books.

  2. Beautiful :)