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(Bal-e-Jibril-112) Ye Nukta Main Ne Sikha Bu-Al-Hassan Se

Ye Nukta Main Ne Sikha Bu-Al-Hassan Se
Ke Jaan Marti Nahin Marg-e-Badan Se

The subtle point that life would not end with the death of the body
I learnt from Abul Hasan*:

*Abul Hasan Ash‘ari

Chamak Sooraj Mein Kya Baqi Rahe Gi
Agar Bezar Ho Apni Kiran Se!

The sun, if it would hate its beam
Will lose all its brilliance.


  1. Abul Hasan is not Abul hasan ashari but Hazrat Ali (AS) whose Kunniat is abul Hasan.

  2. Brother, Abul Hasan is kunyat of Imam Ali (as). Hazrat Iqbal pointed towarda Imam Ali (as)