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(Bal-e-Jibril-130) Farishton Ka Geet

Farishton Ka Geet

Aqal Hai Be Zamam Abhi, Ishq Hai Be Maqam Abhi
Naqsh Gar-e-Azal! Tera Naqsh Hai Natamam Abhi

As yet the Reason is unbridled, and Love is on the road:
O Architect of Eternity! Your design is incomplete.

Khalq-e-Khuda Ki Ghaat Mein Rindon-o-Faqeeh-o-Meer-o-Peer
Tere Jahan Mein Hai Wohi Gardish-e-Subah-o-Sham Abhi

Drunkards, jurists, princes and priests all sit in ambush upon Your common folk:
The days in Your world haven’t changed as yet.

Tere Ameer Maal Mast, Tere Faqeer Haal Mast
Banda Hai Koocha Gard Abhi, Khawaja Buland Baam Abhi

Your rich are too unmindful, Your poor too content—
The slave as yet frets in the street, the master’s walls are still too high. 

Danish-e-Deen-o-Ilm-o-Fan Bandagi-e-Hawas Tamam
Ishq-e-Garah Kushaye Ka Faiz Nahin Hai Aam Abhi

Learning, religion, science and art are all means to fulfill lust:
The grace of Love—the redeemer—is not as yet bestowed upon all.

Johar-e-Zindagi Hai Ishq, Johar-e-Ishq Hai Khudi
Aah Ke Hai Ye Taegh-e-Taiz Pardagi-e-Nayam Abhi !

The essence of Life is Love, the essence of Love is the self;
Alas! This cutting sword as yet rests in the sheath!

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