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(Bal-e-Jibril-136) Mullah Aur Bahisht

Mullah Aur Bahisht

Main Bhi Hazir Tha Wahan, Zabt-e-Sukhan Kar Na Saka
Haq Se Jab Hazrat-e-Mullah Ko Mila Hukm-e-Bahisht

Being present there, my impetuous tongue to silence I could not resign
When an order from God of admission on high came the way of that reverend divine;

Arz Ki Main Ne, Elahi! Meri Takseer Maaf
Khush Na Ayen Ge Isse Hoor-o-Sharab-o-Lab-e-Kisht

I humbly addressed the Almighty: O Lord, Excuse this presumption of mine,
But he’ll never relish the virgins of heaven, The garden’s green borders, the wine!

Nahin Fardous Maqam-e-Jadal-o-Qaal-o-Aqwal
Behas-o-Takrak Iss Allah Ke Bande Ki Sarisht

For paradise isn’t place for a preacher to meddle and meddle and mangle,
And he, pious man—second nature to him is the need to dispute and to jangle;

Hai Badamozi-e-Aqwam-o-Milal Kaam Iss Ka
Aur Jannat Mein Na Masjid, Na Kalisa, Na Kunisht!

His business has been to set folk by the ears and get nations and sects in a tangle:
Up there in the sky is no Mosque and no Church and no Temple—with whom will he wrangle?


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