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(Bal-e-Jibril-138) Al-Ardullah !

Al-Arzu Lilah !

Palta Hai Beej Ko Mitti Ki Tareeki Mein Kon
Kon Daryaon Ki Moujon Se Uthata Hai Sahab

Who rears the seed in the darkness of the earth?
Who lifts the cloud up from the ocean’s waves?

Kon Laya Khainch Kar Pacham Se Bad-e-Saazgar
Khak Ye Kis Ki Hai, Kis Ka Hai Ye Noor-e-Aftab?

Who summoned from the West the fruitful wind?
Whose soil is this? Or whose that light of the sun?

Kis Ne Bhar Di Moutiyon Se Khausha-e-Gandum Ki Jaib
Mousamon Ko Kis Ne Sikhlayi Hai Khu'ay Inqilab?

Who filled the grain like pearls, the ripe corn’s ear?
Who taught the months by instruction to revolve?

Dih Khudaya! Ye Zameen Teri Nahin, Teri Nahin
Tere Aba Ki Nahin, Teri Nahin, Meri Nahin

Landlord! This broad plough‐land is not yours, it is not yours;
Nor thy father’s land; it is not yours, it is not mine.


  1. iqbal is great poet of the century

  2. every world said by iqbal is consist of river of meaning. this in not only message for Muslims as well and i think all for human being.but every world of dr iqbal is demonstrate great message for every stage of man and woman.iqbal has done outstanding job for muslims

  3. Subhan Allah
    The more I read this genius, the more I admire.
    Allah swt se dua hai ki hum sab mein bhi Allama jaisi sonch wa fikr paida kare.

  4. Faisal Haidar1 May 2016 at 20:49

    yea ,Ofcourse,allama is a limitless sea in which a no of pearls are dispersed.

  5. Yar kya baat hai. Dil ko jaake lag raha hai ek ek sher. Inductive questioning ka ye andaz shayari mein aur is tarz mein. Allahu Akbar.

  6. The band Badnaam from Lahore has made an entire song on this piece of poetry. They are Nirvana's reincarnation

  7. The Pakistani rock band Badnaam from Lahore has made an entire song on this piece of poetry. They are Nirvana's reincarnation.