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(Bal-e-Jibril-143) Zamana - Time

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )


Jo Tha Nahin Hai, Jo Hai Na Ho Ga, Yehi Hai Ek Harf-e-Mehrmana
Qareeb Tar Hai Namood Jis Ki Ussi Ka Mushtaq Hai Zamana

What was, has faded: what is, is fading: but of these words few can tell the worth;
Time still is gaping with expectation of what is nearest its hour of birth.

Meri Soorahi Se Qatra Qatra Naye Hawadis Tapak Rahe Hain
Main Apni Tasbeeh-e-Roz-o-Shab Ka Shumar Karta Hon Dana Dana

New tidings slowly come drop by drop from my pitcher gurgling of time’s new sights,
As I count over the beads strung out on my threaded rosary of days and nights.
Har Aik Se Ashna Hun, Lekin Juda Juda Rasme-o-Rah Meri
Kisi Ka Raakab, Kisi Ka Markab, Kisi Ko  Ibrat Ka Taziyana

 With each man friendly, with each I vary, and have a new part at my command:
To one the rider, to one the courser, to one the whiplash of reprimand.

Na Tha Agar Tu Shareek-e-Mehfil, Qasoor Mera Hai Ya Ke Tera
Mera Tareeka Nahin Ke Rakh Loon Kisi Ki Khatar Mai’ay Shabana

 If in the circle you were not numbered, was it your own fault or mine?
To humor no‐one am I accustomed to keep untasted the midnight wine!

Mere Kham-o-Paich Ko Najoomi Ki Ankh Pehchanti Nahin Hai
Hadaf Se Baigana Teer Uss Ka, Nazar Nahin Jis Ki Arfana

No planet‐gazer can ever see through my winding mazes; for when the eye
That aims it sees by no lights from Heaven, the arrow wavers and glances by.

Shafaq Nahin Maghrabi Ufaq Par, Ye Jooye Khoon Hai, Ye Jooye Khoon Hai!
Tulu-e-Farda Ka Muntazir Reh Ke Dosh-o-Amroz Hai Fasana

That is no dawn at the Western skyline—it is a bloodbath, that ruddy glow!
Await to‐morrow; our yesterday and to‐day are legends of long ago.

Woh Fikar-e-Ghustakh Ji Ne Uryaan Kiya Hai Fitrat Ki Taqaton Ko
Ussi Ki Betab Bijliyon Se Khatr Mein Hai Uss Ka Ashiyana

From Nature’s forces their reckless science has stripped the garments away, until
At last its own nesting‐place is scorched by the restless lightning it cannot still:

Hawaen Un Ki, Fazaen Un Ki, Sumundar Un Ke, Jahaz Un Ke
Girah Bhanwar Ki Khule To Kyunkar, Bhanwar Hai Taqeer Ka Bahana

To them the trade‐wind belongs, the sky‐way, to them the ocean, to them the ship—
It shall not serve them to calm the whirlpool by which their fate holds them in its grip!

Jahan-e-Nau Ho Raha Hai Paida, Woh Alam-e-Peer Mar Raha Hai
Jise Farangi Muqamiron Ne Bana Diya Hai Qimar Khana

But now a new world is being born, while this old one sinks out of sight of men,
This world the gamblers of Europe turned into nothing else than a gambling‐den.

Hawa Hai Go Tund-o-Taiz Lekin Charagh Apna Jala Raha Hai
Woh Mard-e-Darvesh Jis Ko Haq Ne Diye Hain Andaz-e-Khusarwana

That man will still keep his lantern burning, however tempests blow strong and cold,
Whose soul is centred on high, whose temper the Lord has cast in the royal mould.

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )


  1. No words to express my feeling about Iqbal's both Poetry and himself. No Substitute of Iqbal and can never be.

  2. vry vry vry nyc...k bolo mujy to alfaaz he nai mil rehe tareef k liye

    koshish karo ga ay burgy-e-burter
    k tera pyaaam puhnchao is jahan k log tak....!!

  3. If one gives lessons in Allama's poetry every day to one's children then
    children will on the right path,lessening the worries of the parents.

  4. I didnt read the poetry i actually felt it running in my blood, beauty at its best.

  5. Really nice.........

  6. bring us near to real kingdom of knowledge thanks we have Iqbal Saab


  7. It was not SIR IQBAL who has created these golden words....only the pen was of Dr. Iqbal, only writing was of Iqbal but all dictated by the Great Almighty Allah who was the lover of Iqbal.

  8. but mushkil Shir hn ALLAMA IQBAL

  9. ALLAMA IQAL is the best poeter

  10. Heart touching garland woven beads piercing the core of heart

  11. Because Iqbal wrote not poetry but tafseer e Quran...

  12. Iqbal's poetry somehow pierces right through your entire being down to your soul. Athar Bhai once quoted Faiz Sahib as saying "Don't compare me to Iqbal-a day I read Iqbal in the morning it's impossible for me to read someone else that day" No tribute can excel Faiz Sahib's.