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(Bal-e-Jibril-148) Azaan

The Prayer-Call

Ek Raat Sitaron Se Kaha Najam-e-Sehar Ne
Adam Ko Bhi Dekha Hai Kisi Ne Kabhi Baidar?

One night among the planets the Star of Morning said—
“Has ever star seen slumber desert Man’s drowsy head?”

Kehne Laga Mareekh, Ada Feham Hai Taqdeer
Hai Nind Hi Iss Chotte Se Fitne Ko Sazawar

“Fate, being nimble‐witted,” Bright Mercury returned,
“Served well that pretty rebel—Tame sleep was what he earned!”

Zahra Ne Kaha, Aur Koi Baat Nahin Kya?
Iss Karmak-e-Shab-e-Kaur Se Kya Hum Ko Sarokar!

“Have we,” asked Venus, “nothing to talk about besides?
Or what is it to us, where that night‐blind firefly hides?”

Bola Meh-e-Kamil Ke Woh Koukab Hai Zameeni
Tum Shab Ko Namoodar Ho, Woh Din Ko Namoodar

“A star,” the Full Moon answered, “Is man, of terrene ray:
You walk the night in splendor, But so does he the day;

Waqif Ho Agar Lazzat-e-Baidari Shab Se
Unchi Hai Surayya Se Bhi Ye Khak-e-Pur-Asrar

“Let him once learn the joy of outwatching night’s brief span—
Higher than all the Pleiades the unfathomed dust of Man!

Aghosh Mein Iss Ki Woh Tajali Hai Ke Jis Mein
Kho Jaen Ge Aflak Ke Sub Sabit-o-Sayyar

Closed in that dust a radiance lies hidden, in whose clear light
Shall all the sky’s fixed tenures and orbits fade from sight.”

Na-Gah Faza Bang-e-Azan Se Huwi Lab-Raiz
Woh Naara Ke Hil Jata Hai Jis Se Dil-e-Kuhsar!

—Suddenly rose the prayer‐call, and overwhelmed heaven’s lake;
That summons at which even cold hearts of mountains quake.


  1. plx is k har ashar ki tashreeh bta di jiyah jldi

  2. plx is k har ashar ki tashreeh bta di jiyah jldi

  3. Mujhy iska markazi khyal cheiye plz anyone share

  4. this NAZM is so meaningfull and if we focus on it
    this does'nt remind us of azan but it reminds that how valuble a human is what is that thing that makes us this far valuable,so basically azan is the start of the day so if we start the day by the name of God the day will become successfull
    lets move towards more depth
    this NAZM is basically a conversation among all tha stars , planets and galaxies
    Najm e seher is the star that shines at the time just a few minutes before FAJAR
    SO it says to all the stars if anyone has seen ADAM (all humans) awake
    as the najam a star has a specific time to arise and at that time all humans are sleeping so thats actually a kind of taunt that if anyone saw a human awake
    Marrekh came out and says that Only God knows about the future so let this human asleep as it's a cruel creature so its better let them sleep (another taunt)
    Zuhra says that stop talking about this creature dont u have other stuff to discuss
    as we have nothing to do with them
    (this little beatle of light)
    In the next sher
    mahe kamis (moon) comes to support human being
    saying that this is the planet of earth (a human)
    so as u came out at ur time so they have their own times to go in and out
    if they know the reall feel of getting up early then the creature that u have called as little one is more upper than SURIYA ( a group of 7 stars shining in the sky which are considered as more beautifull and uppermost )
    means that we human are more valueable than SURIYA