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(Bal-e-Jibril-177) Baghi Mureed

Baghi Mureed
Disciples In Revolt

Hum Ko To Mayassar Nahin Mitti Ka Diya Bhi
Ghar Peer Ka Bijli Ke Charaghon Se Hai Roshan

Not a rushlight for us,—in our Master’s
Fine windows electric lights blaze!

Shehri Ho, Dahati Ho, Musalman Hai Sada
Manind-e-Poojte Hain Kaabe Ke Barhman

Town or village, the Muslim’s a duffer—
To his Brahmins like idols he prays.

Nazrana Nahin, Sood Hai Peeran-e-Haram Ka
Har Kharqa-e-Saaloos Ke Andar Hai Mahajan

Not mere gifts—compound interest these saints want,
In each hair‐shirt a usurer’s dressed,

Meeras Mein Ayi Hai Inhain Masnad-e-Irshad
Zaghon Ke Tasarruf Mein Auqabon Ke Nasheman!

Who inherits his seat of authority
Like a crow in the eagle’s old nest.


  1. i like it as you guys provided 3 types of combinations.
    & English
    plz keep it up... i need more from your side

  2. very poor English translation. It would be better to explain the shair.

    1. You can contribute by sharing your knowledge, no one is holding your back.

  3. Dear K Atta,

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    We should appreciate all even on tiny effort and they are one of the big source on Internet on Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A.) legacy.

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  4. Can anyone explain why Iqbal has coined a similitude between peeran-e-haram and usurers here?
    Nazrana nahi sood hai peeran-e-haram ka
    Hr kharqa e saloos k andar hai mahajan