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(Bang-e-Dra-095) Do Sitare

Do Sitare
Two Planets

Aye Jo Qiran Mein Do Sitare
Kehne Laga Aik, Dusre Se

Two planets meeting face to face,
One to the other cried, ‘How sweet

Ye Wasl Madaam Ho To Kya Khoob
Anjaam-e-Kharaam Ho To Kya Khoob

If endlessly we might embrace,
And here for ever stay! how sweet

Thora Sa Jo Mehrban Falak Ho
Hum Dono Ki Aik Hi Chamak Ho

If Heaven a little might relent,
And leave our light in one light blent!’

Lekin Ye Visal Ki Tamanna
Pegham-e-Faraaq Thi Sarapa

But through that longing to dissolve
In one, the parting summons sounded.

Gardish Taron Ka Hai Muqaddar
Har Aik Ki Rah Hai Muqarrar

Immutably the stars revolve,
By changeless orbits each is bounded;

Hai Khawab Sabat-e-Ashnayi
Aaeen Jahan Ka Hai Judai

Eternal union is a dream,
And severance the world’s law supreme.

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