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(Bang-e-Dra-100) Phool Ka Tohfa Atta Hone Par

Phool Ka Tohfa Atta Hone Par
On A Flower‐Offering

Woh Mast-e-Naaz Jo Gulshan Mein Ja Niklti Hai
Kali Kali Ki Zuban Se Dua Niklti Hai

When she walks drunk with pride about the garden path,
Flowerets on every side lift up one suppliant voice—

“Elahi! Phoolon Mein Woh Intikhab Mujh Ko Kare
Kali Se Rashak-e-Gul-e-Aftab Mujh Ko Kare”

May she, ah God, make me of all the rest her choice,
Raise me from low degree to wake the sunflower’s wrath!

Tujhe Woh Shakh Se Torain! Zahe Naseeb Tere
Tarapte Reh Gye Gulzar Mein Raqeeb Tere

—Divine fortune, that she dhould pluck you from the stem!
Your rivals toss their petals; The shock of severance past,

Utha Ke Sadma-e-Furqat Wisal Tak Pohncha
Teri Hayat Ka Jouhar Kamal Tak Pohncha

New bliss of union settles upon your life, whose gem
Shines perfectly at last my heart, though it found love

Mera Kanwal Le Tasadduq Hain Jis Pe Ahl-e-Nazar
Mere Shabab Ke Gulshan Ko Naaz Hai Jis Par

In feeling hearts it its vassal—This heart of mine,
Pride of the garden of my youth,

Kabhi Ye Phool Hum Aghosh-e-Mudda Na Huwa
Kisi Ke Daman-e-Rageen Se Ashna Na Huwa

Could never flower‐like nestle in the desired one’s breast,
Nor ever feel the smooth touch of the shimmering vest.

Shugufta Kar Na Sake Gi Kabhi Bahar Isse
Fusurda Rakhta Hai Gulcheen Ka Intizar Isse

No springtime shall come freighting its leaves with April’s luck,
It withers in this waiting for her who comes to pluck.

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