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(Bang-e-Dra-109) Sair-e-Falak


Strolling In The Celestial World

Tha Takhiyyul Jo Hum Safar Mera
Asman Par Huwa Guzr Mera

As only imagination was my fellow‐traveler
My path happened to pass through the sky

Urta Jata Tha Aur Na Tha Koi
Jan’ane Wala Charakh Par Mera

I was flying constantly and no one
Was acquainted with me in the sky

Tare Hairat Se Dekhte The Mujhe
Raaz-e-Sar Basta Tha Safar Mera

The stars were staring at me in surprise
My journey was a well guarded secret

Halqa-e-Subah-o-Shaam Se Nikla
Iss Purane Nizam Se Nikla

I escaped from the alternation of day and night
I escaped from this ancient order of things

Kya Sunaon Tumhain Irm Kya Hai

What can I tell you what Paradise is
It is the climax of material longings

Shakh-e-Tooba Pe Naghma Raiz Tuyoor
Be-Hijabana Hoor Jalwa Farosh

Birds were singing in the branches of Tubah
Unabashed Houri’s beauty was present all around

Saqiyan-e-Jameel Jaam Badast
Peene Walon Mein Shor-e-Nosha Nosh

Beautiful cup‐bearers with wine‐cups in hand
The audience was crying drink more and more”

Door Jannat Se Ankh Ne Dekha
Aik Tareek Khana, Sard-o-Khamosh

Far from the Paradise the eye observed
There was a dark house, cold and silent

Taala’e Qais Wa Gaisu-e-Laila
Uss Ki Tareekiyon Se Dosh Ba Dosh

Countenance of Qais and Layla’s material form
Were shoulder to shoulder with its darkness

Khunk Aesa Ke Jis Se Sharma Kar
Kurra-e-Zamhareer Ho Ru-Posh

It was so cold that being embarrassed by it
The Arctic Circle was concealing its face

Main Ne Puchi Jo Kaifiat Uss Ki
Hiarat Angaiz Tha Jawab-e-Sarosh

When I inquired about its condition
The reply of the angel was strange

Ye Maqam-e-Khunak Jahanum Hai
Naar Se, Noor Se Tehi Agosh

“This cold place is called Hell
It is deprived of fire and light

Shaole Hote Hain Musta’ar Iss Ke
Jin Se Larzan Hain Mard-e-Ibrat Kosh

The heat of its flames which is borrowed
Terrifies the people seeking admonition

Ahl-e-Dunya Yahan Jo Ate Hain
Apne Angaar Saath Late Hain

When the earth’s people come here
They bring their embers with them”

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