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(Bang-e-Dra-113) Insan

The Human Race

Manzar-e-Chamnistan Ke Zaiba Hun Ke Na-Zaiba
Mehroom-e-Amal Nargis Majboor-e-Tamasha Hai

The sights of the garden may or may not be beautiful
The narcissus, unable to act, forced to watching is!

Raftar Ki Lazzat Ka Ehsas Nahin Iss Ko
Fitrat Hi Sanobar Ki Mehroom-e-Tamanna Hai

It does not appreciate the pleasure of movement
The very nature of juniper devoid of longing is!

Tasleem Ki Khugar Hai Jo Cheez Hai Dunya Mein
Insan Ki Har Quwwat Sargaram-e-Taqaza Hai

Whatever is in the world is accustomed to submission
Every power of Man busy in pressing for his Longing is!

Iss Zarre Ko Rehti Hai Wussat Ki Hawas Har Dam
Ye Zarra Nahin, Shaid Simta Huwa Sehra Hai

This speck remains incessantly ambitious of expansion
Not a speck but perhaps the constricted wilderness he is

Chahe To Badal Dale Haeeyat Chamanistan Ki
Ye Hasti-e-Dana Hai, Beena Hai, Tawana Hai

If he wills he can change the face of the garden
This entity wise, clear‐sighted and powerful is

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