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(Bang-e-Dra-158) Aseeri


Hai Aseeri Atebar Afza Jo Ho Fitrat Buland
Qatra-e-Neesan Hai Zindan-e-Sadaf Se Arjumand

Imprisonment enhances confidence if the nature is elegant
The spring drop becomes blessed inside the shell’s prison

Mushk-e-Azfar Cheez Kya Hai, Ek Lahoo Ki Boondhai
Mushk Ban Jati Hai Ho Kar Nafa-e-Ahu Mein Band

The excellent musk is nothing but a drop of blood
Which becomes musk when it is enclosed in the deer’s navel

Har Kisi Ki Tarbiat Karti Nahin Qudrat, Magar
Kam Hain Woh Taeer Ke Hain Daam-o-Qafas Se Behramand

However, not everyone gets trained by nature
Only an odd bird is prosperous in imprisonment

“Sehpar-e-Zaagh-o-Zaghan Dar Band-e-Qaid-o-Said Needs
Aen Saadat Qismat-e-Shahbaz-o-Shaheen Kardah And”

“Strength of crow’s and kite’s wing is not in cage and prey
This grace is reserved for the falcon and the eagle”

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