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(Bang-e-Dra-160) Humayon (Mr. Justice Shah Deen Marhoom)

(Mr. Justice Shah Deen Marhoom)

Late Shah Din Humayun

Ae Humayun! Zindagi Teri Sarapa Souz Thi
Teri Chingari Charagh-e-Anjuman Afroz Thi

O Humayun! your life was full of warmth
Your spark was an assembly‐enlightening lamp

Garche Tha Tera Tan-e-Khaki Nazaar-o-Dard Mand
Thi Sitare Ki Tarah Roshan Teri Taba-e-Buland

Though your earthly body was slim and weak
Your elegant disposition was bright like a star

Kis Qadar Bebak Dil Iss Natawan Paikar Mein Tha
Shoala-e-Gardoon Naward Ek Musht-e-Khakstar Mein Tha

How fearless a heart in this frail body was
A universal flame in this handful of dust was!

Mout Ki Lekin Dil-e-Dana Ko Kuch Parwa Nahin
Shab Ki Khamoshi Mein Juz Hangama-e-Farda Nahin

But the intelligent heart was not at all afraid of death
In night’s silence there is nothing except morrow’s affairs!

Mout Ko Samjhe Hain Ghafil Ikhtitam-e-Zindagi
Hai Ye Sham-e-Zindagi Subah-e-Dawam-e-Zindagi

The imprudent ones consider death is the end of life
This apparent evening of life is the morning of perpetual life!


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