(Bang-e-Dra-167) Parda Chehre Se Utha, Anjuman Arayi Kar

Parda Chehre Se Utha, Anjum Arayi Kar
Chashm-e-Meher-o-Mah-o-Anjum Ko Tamashayi Kar

Lift the veil from thy Face and be manifest in the assembly
Make the eyes of the sun, moon and stars thy spectators

Tu Jo Bijli Hai To Ye Chashmak-e-Pinhan Kab Tak
Be-Hijabana Mere Dil Se Shanasayi Kar

If thou art the lightning how long this secret winking?
Make acquaintance with my heart without a veil.

Nafas-e-Garam Ki Taseer Hai Ijaz-e-Hayat
Tere Seene Mein Agar Hai To Masihayi Kar

The warm breath’s effect is the miracle of life
If it is on thy breast perform life‐giving miracles

Kab Talak Toor Pe Daryooza Gari Misl-e-Kaleem
Apni Hasti Se Ayan Shuala’ay Seenayi Kar

How long should begging be on the Tur like Kaleem!
Make the flame of Sinai manifest with thy existence

Ho Teri Khak Ke Har Zarre Se Tameer-e-Haram
Dil Ko Baigana’ay Andaz-e-Kalisayi Kar

Let the Harem be built with every speck of thy dust
Make the heart alien to the ways of the Church

Iss Gulistan Mein Nahin Had Se Guzarna Acha
Naz Bhi Kar To Ba Andaza-e-Raanayi Kar

It is not good to exceed limits in this garden
If thou showeth elegance make its show with grace

Pehle Khud-Dar To Manind-e-Sikandar Ho Le
Phir Jahan Mein Hawas-e-Shoukat-e-Darayi Kar

First become self‐respecting like Alexander.
Then make the show of desire of Dara’s grandeur

Mil Hi Jaye Gi Kabhi Manzil-e-Laila Iqbal !
Koi Din Aur Abhi Baad Ye Pemayi Kar

You will reach the destination of Layla one day, O Iqbal
For some more days continue wandering in the wilderness


  1. in-depth of mind and heart, Iqbal, the undenying poet philosopher and closest to Allah.........

  2. Study Qira'n then study Allama iqbal you will understand the poetry of great iqbal