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(Bang-e-Dra-173) Sheikh Sahib Bhi To Parde Ke Koi Hami Nahin

Shiekh Sahib Bhi To Parde Ke Koi Haami Nahin
Muft Mein Collge Ke Larke Un Se Badzan Ho Gye

The Sheikh also is not a supporter of women’s seclusion
The college boys unnecessarily suspicious of him became

Waaz Mein Farma Diya Kal Aap Ne Ye Saaf Saaf
“Parda Akhir Kis Se Ho Jab Mard Hi Zan Ho Gye”

He clearly stated in the sermon yesterday
“From whom would women be secluded if men women became”


  1. Many of early Scholars were of the view that we should not look at beardless youth...Salaf agreed upon it..Nowadays there is no difference whatsoever between men and women....
    Immodesty everywhere...Followers of people of lot