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(Bang-e-Dra-175) Taleem Maghribi Hai Bohat Jura'at Afreen

Taleem-e-Maghrabi Hai Bohat Juraat Afreen
Pehla Sabaq Hai, Baith Ke College Mein Maar Deeng

Western education is very encouraging
Its first lesson is to brag sitting in the college

Baste Hain Hind Mein Jo Khareedar Hi Faqat
Agha Bhi Le Ate Hain Apne Watan Se Heeng

As only the purchasers inhabit India
Afghans also bring assafoetida from their country

Mera Ye Haal, Boot Ki Tou Chatta Hun Main
Un Ka Ye Hukam, Dekh! Mere Farash Par Na Reeng

My condition is that I lick the toe of the boot
She says “Beware do not be crawling on my carpet”

Kehne Lage Ke Unth Hai Bhadda Sa Janwar
Achi Hai Gaye, Rakhti Hai Ka Naukdar Seeng

The camel is said to be a somewhat clumsy animal
The cow is good as she has slender horns