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(Bang-e-Dra-177) Tehzeeb Ke Mareez Ko Goli Se Faida !

Tehzeeb Ke Mareez Ko Goli Se Faida!
Dafa-e-Marz Ke Waaste ‘Pill’ Paish Kijiye

The patient of civilization will not be cured by the goli
For curing of the malady you should present him with pill

The Woh Bhi Din Ke Khidmat-e-Ustad Ke Ewz
Dil Chahta Tha Hadiya-e-Dil Paish Kijiye

There was a time when in exchange for the teacher’s services
One wanted that the gift of the heart he should present!

Badla Zamana Aesa Ke Larka Pas Az Sabaq
Kehta Hai Master Se Ke “Bill Paish Kijiye!”

Times have changed so much that the pupil after the lesson
Says to the teacher “You should present the bill”