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(Bang-e-Dra-182) Vo Miss Boli Irada KhudKhushi Ka Jab Kiya Mein Ne

Woh Miss Boli Irada Khudkushi Ka Jab Kiya Main Ne
Muhazzib Hai Tu Ae Ashiq! Qadam Bahir Na Dhar Had Se

As I tried to commit suicide the Miss exclaimed
“O lover! If you are civilized do not transgress the limits

Na Juraat Hai, Na Khanjar Hai To Qasad-e-Khudkushi Kaisa
Ye Mana Dard-e-Nakami Gya Tera Guzr Had Se

Without courage or dagger suicide’s intention is strange
Even granting your pain of failure has exceeded the limits”

Kaha Main Ke Ae Jaan-e-Jahan Kuch Naqad Dilwa Do
Karaye Par Mangwa Loon Ga Koi Afghan Sarhad Se

I said, “O dear, give me some cash
I shall hire some Afghan from the Frontier Province”

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