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(Bang-e-Dra-189) Gaye Ek Roz Huwi Unth Se Yun Garam-e-Sukhan

Gaye Ek Roz Huwi Unth Se Yun Garm-e-Sukhan
Nahin Ek Haal Pe Dunya Mein Kisi Shay Ko Qarar

The cow one day started saying to the camel
Nothing in the world rests in one condition

Main To Badnaam Huwi Tor Ke Rassi Apni
Sunti Hun App Ne Bhi Tor Ke Rakh Di Hai Muhar

I am ignominious by breaking my rope
I hear you have also broken your nose string

Hind Mein App To Azooye Siasat Hain Aham
Rail Chalne Se Magar Dasht-e-Arab Mein Baikar

Though you are important in India for political reasons
But due to railway the Arabian desert finds no use for you

Kal Talak App Ko Tha Gaye Ki Mehfil Se Hazar
Thi Latakte Huwe Honton Pe Sadaye Zanhaar

Till yesterday you were avoiding the cow’s companionship
The voice of ‘never’ on your hanging lips was persistent

Aaj Ye Kya Hai Ke Hum Par Hai Inayat Itni
Na Taha Aaeena-e-Dil Mein Woh Deerina Ghubaar

What is the matter that you are so favorable to me today
That old displeasure does not exist in your heart today

Jab Ye Taqreer Suni Unth Ne, Sharma Ke Kaha
Hai Tere Chahne Walon Mein Hamara Bhi Shumaar

Hearing this speech the camel bashfully said
I am also to be counted among your lovers

Rashak-e-Sad Ghamzada-e-Ushtar Hai Teri Aik Kulail
Hum To Hain Aesi Kulailon Ke Purane Bimaar

The envy of hundreds of camel’s ogle is your one frisk
Since long I am the lover of such a frisk

Tere Hangamon Ki Taseer Ye Phaili Ban Mein
Be-Zubanon Mein Bhi Paida Hai Mazaq-e-Guftar

The effects of your tumults have spread in the forest such
That speech has produced its taste even among the speechless

Aik Hi Ban Mein Hai Muddat Se Basera Apna
Gharche Kuch Paas Nahin, Chara Bhi Khate Hain Udhar

I am living only in one desert since a long time
As I have nothing I am fed on borrowed money

Go Safand-o-Shutar-o-Gao-o-Palang-o-Khar-e-Lang
Aik Hi Rang Mein Rangeen Hon To Hai Apna Waqar

If goat, camel, cow, leopard and the lame donkey
All exist in the same condition we shall have prestige

Baghban Ho Sabaq Amoz Jo Yak Rangi Ka
Hum-Zuban Ho Ke Rahain Kyun Na Tayoor-e-Gulzar

If the gardener learns the lesson of uniformity
Why should not the gardens’ birds live in harmony

De Wohi Jam Humain Bhi Ke Manasib Hai Yehi
Tu Bhi Sarshaar Ho, Tere Rufaqa Bhi Sarshaar

Give me also the same cup as only this appears proper
You should be intoxicated, your companions should also be intoxicated

“Dalaq-e-Hafiz Bacha Arzad Ba Maish Rangeen Kun
Wanghash  Mast-o-Kharab Azrah-e-Bazar Byar”

“The patched garment of Hafiz is worthless, color him with wine
Then bring him to the market, lost and intoxicated

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