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(Bang-e-Dra-198) Suna Hai Main Ne, Kal Ye Ghuftagu Thi Kaarkhane Mein

Suna Hai Main Ne, Kal Ye Guftagoo Thi Karkhane Mein
Purane Jhonparon Mein Hai Thikana Dast Karwan Ka

I have heard this was the talk in the factory yesterday
“The artisans only in old huts have their abode

Magar Sarkar Ne Kya Khoob Council Haal Banwaya
Koi Iss Sheher Mein Takiya Na Tha Sarmaya Daron Ka

But what a good council hall the government has made
In this city the capitalists did not have any abode”

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