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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-008) Aik Falsafa-zada Syed Zadde Ke Naam

Aik Falsafa Zada Syed Zade Ke Naam
Admonition To A Philosophy Stricken Sayyid

Tu Apni Khudi Agar Na Khota
Zunnari-e-Bargsan Na Hota

If your self had not been debased and lost,
Bergson, his spell on you would not have cast.

Heegal Ka Sadaf Guhar Se Khali
Hai Uss Ka Tilism Sub Khayali

Hegelʹs shell is quite devoid of gem that gleams,
His talisman merely web of fancy seems.

Mohkam Kaise Ho Zindagi
Kis Tarah Khudi Ho La-Zamani!

Manʹs need is how this earthly life to brace,
He yearns that self may last ʹyond Time and Space.

Adam Ko Sabat Ki Talab Hai
Dastoor-e-Hayat Ki Talab Hai

To have a life steadfast is his desire,
He seeks some rules to guide his life entire.

Dunya Ki Asha Ho Jis Se Ishraaq
Momin Ki Azan Nidaye Afaq

The source, that gloom dispels, spreads light around,
Is worship call at morn with clarion sound.

Main Asal Ka Khas Somanti
Aaba Mere Lati-o-Manati

I am by breed a pure and trite Somnati,
Ancestors mine were both Lati and Manati.

Tu Syed-e-Hashmi Ki Aulad
Meri Kaf-e-Khak Barhman Zad

You hail from Hashemite Prophetʹs race,
My origin from Brahmans I have to trace.

Hai Falsafa Mere Aab-o-Gil Mein
Poshida Hai Raisha Haye Dil Mein

Philosophy is my bodyʹs essential part,
It is rooted deep in fibers of my heart.

Iqbal Agarche Behunar Hai
Iss Ki Rag Rag Se Ba-Khabar Hai

Iqbal devoid of skill and craft though be,
Through every vein of thought can fully see.

Shaula Hai Tere Junoon Ka Be-Souz
Sun Mujh Se Ye Nukta-e-Dil Afroz

The frenzy in your breast is shorn of glow,
This heart illuming point you ought to know.

Anjam-e-Khirad Hai Be Huzoori
Hai Falsafa Zindagi Se Doori

Intellect leads a man from God astray,
Philosophy from grasping facts keeps away.

Afkar Ke Naghma Haye Be Soot
Hain Zauq-e-Amal Ke Waste Mout

Dumb strains produced by calm and serious thought
Slay zeal for active life and achieve not aught.

Deen-e-Maslak-e-Zindagi Ki Taqween
Deen-e-Sirr-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.)-o-Baraheem (A.S.)

True faith and creed give strength to earthly life,
Abraham (AS) and Prophets (PBUH)ʹ Seal guide to face its strife.

“Dil Dar Sukhan-e-Muhammadi (S.A.W.) Band
Ae Por-e-Ali (R.A.) Za Bu Ali Chand!

Ali (RA)ʹs son, you are deceived by Avicennaʹs thought,
Give ears to what the Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught.

Choon Didah-e-Rah Been Nadari
Qaid Qarshi Ba Az Bukhari”

You can not see the path you have to tread,
So choose a guide from tribe of Quraysh instead.

Farsi Ashaar Hakeem Khaqani Ki ‘Tohfa-Ul-Arifeen’ Se Hain
Persain Couplets are from Hakim Khaqani's book 'Tuhfa tul Aaraqeen'