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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-022) Quwwat Aur Deen

Quwwat Aur Deen
Authority And Faith

Iskandar-o-Changaiz Ke Hathon Se Jahan Mein
Sou Bar Huwi Hazrat-e-Insan Ki Qaba Chaak

Autocrats like Alexander and Genghis, Have trampled men beneath their feet,
Not once but hundred times so far, They brought man down from honoured seat.

Tareekh-e-Ummam Ka Ye Payam -e-Azali Hai
‘Sahib Nazaran ! Nasha-e-Quwwat Hai Khatarnaak’

The annals right from history’s dawn the message eternal bear as such,
“O man, with insight great endowed, The wine of might is dangerous much.ʺ

Iss Seel-E-Subaq Sair-o-Zameengeer Ke Agay
Aqal-o-Nazar-o-Ilm-o-Hunar Hain Khs-o-Khashak

Before this quickly flowing flood that spreads to all the tracts with speed:
Art, insight, intellect and science, Are carried along like straw and reed.

La-Deen Ho To Hai Zahr-E-Halahil Se Bhi Barh Kar
Ho Deen Ki Hifazat Mein To Har Zehr Ka Tiryaak

Divorced from faith, a poison strong, When propped by faith and true belief,
’Gainst poison works with speed, And proves a source of much relief.

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