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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-029) Tasawwuf


Ye Hikmat-e-Malkooti, Ye Ilm-e-Lahooti
Haram Ke Dard Ka Darman Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

If angelic art and celestial lore the ills of Muslims can not cure,
Worthless they are and of no use, of fact so true you must be sure.
Ye Zikr-e-Neem Shabi, Ye Marakabe, Ye Suroor
Teri Khudi Ke Nigheban Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

Your reveries deep and rapture sweet, Your worship at the midst of night,
If fail to keep a watch on self, Are useless quite and have value slight.

Ye Aqal Jo Mah-o-Parveen Ka Khailti Hai Shakar
Shareek-e-Shourish-e-Pinhan Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

The intellect can cast its noose on the Pleiades and the Moon;
If heart is bʹreft of love for God, It is not a worthy gift and boon.

Khirad Ne Keh Bhi Diya ‘La Ilaha’ To Kya Hasil
Dil-o-Nigah Musalman Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

If wit incites a man to say ʺNo God but Heʺ it brings no gain:
It. has no worth at all I think, Unless affirmed by heart and brain.

Ajab Nahin Ke Preshan Hai Guftugoo Meri
Farogh-e-Subah Preshan Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

No wonder great that my discourse with distraction unbound is fraught:
If it wonʹt spread like rays of morn, It means such talk has value naught!


  1. meaning of khirad

  2. plz translate Alamma Iqbals poetry in urdu and english in detail

  3. Your life is as lonely as u would like to make it,
    Your joy is as much as u decide to feel it,
    Your night is as long as u decide to stay awake,
    Your destination is as far as you decide to walk, No one sets the limits 4 u,
    No one can catch the span of sky ur sky is as much as u want to reach, All u need is a +ve approach in your decisions,
    Spread ur wings and decide to fly,
    Life is wondrful if u know how to live it.

  4. Awesomeness of Iqbal,fantastic.I was wondering if any one is willing to explain the third sher a little more.Could not get the gist of it.Thank you and may your Khudi moves mountains!

  5. :-)) good Poetry no doubt , But tying Bombs to an 8 Year old and send him to a mall or airport to explode himself, Musalman nahi to Kuch Bhi nahi :-)), Janwar Khate Khate Akal bhi Janwaro ki ho gayi hai

    1. Gaurav Vyas saheb aaj se 100 saal year phelay bhi to log janwar khate thay......on ki akal to janwaro ki trha nahi thi,,,,,zara sochain,,,,

    2. Jo bombs blast kr te hain wo muslamn hote he nai ha hain islam ka man barbad kr rahe hain .... r ager ap nature par ghor karen gain r baki ki to wo ase laraka nai hote ha ...bus bakwas krne ha logon ko

    3. Good reply

  6. Allama ki urdu poetry ka translation asan urdu mai bhi post hona chahye
    Face book par Allam ke page mai
    Samajhneai asani hogi

  7. Gaurav Vyas saheb aaj se 100 year saal phelay bhi to log janwar khate thay un ki akal to janwar jesi nahi thi sochain

  8. hey what is the meaning of zarb e kaleemi ie rod of moses in this line

    be maujaza duniya mein ubharti nahi qoumain,
    jo zarb e kaleemi nahi rakhta wo hunar kya...
    what does it signify? what is its context, so the line can be fully appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

  9. Jis nay yea English ma translation ki ha usy jotay marnay chaye bilkul ghalt ki ha koi alfaz ni milty us nu jo khirad ny kah bhi la illah ki jo English ma translate kia ha wo hi check kr len bilkul ghalt kia ha

    1. I don't see any problem with English translation at all! No not at all! So I don't see any reason why you are whining like that... and that part that you mentioned "Khirad Ne Keh Bhi Diya ‘La Ilaha’ To Kya Hasil" ... it translation in English is to the perfection.

  10. Talha burki sahab, ager Aap Ko koi cheez samajh maen nahi i ya koi "alfaz ya tashreeh" aap ko mozoon nahi lagay to bara e maharbani aesay comments nahi daenay chahiye, is say dil aazari hoti hay

  11. Replies
    1. Darmaan means cure, 'dard ka darmaan' cure for pain

  12. Assalam-o-Alikum
    Mjhy is se koi ghraz nai k aap ne english main likha hai ya urdu main. Mgar main aap ka shukria ada kerta hn k aap hmaray sufia ikram ki islaf ham tk pohnchai jo k islam ki sahi rooh hai.


    this website is also so good