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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-037) Masti-e-Kirdar

Fervour For Action

Sufi Ki Tariqat Mein Faqt Mast-e-Ahwal
Mullah Ki Shariat Mein Faqt Mast-e-Guftar

The mystic mode has naught except the inner changes of the heart;
The talk of Mullah on his creed is merely piece of fiery art.

Shayar Ki Nawa Murda-o-Afsurda-o-Be-Zauq
Afkar Mein Sar-Mast, Na Khawabida Na Baidar

The poetʹs song of zeal bereft, is dead and struck with frost!
To outward eyes he seems awake, though in thoughts completely lost!

Woh Mard-e-Mujahid Nazar Ata Nahin Mujh Ko
Ho Jis Ke Rag-e-Pay Mein Faqt Masti-e-Kirdar

Alas! my eyes do not behold the holy knight whose fervour high
May cause his blood to seethe and boil in veins that lend such might to thigh.


  1. Murshid Baba Iqbal (r.a). He is a Great Mard e Mujahid of whose personality was compound of Ahwaal, Guftar, Ba'zoq zinda Afqaar and the Greatest Kirdar!