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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-045) Muhammad Ali Baab

Muhammad Ali Baab

Thi Khoob Huzoor-e-Ulema Baab Ki Taqreeq
Bechara Galat Parthta Tha Araab-e-Samawat

Before assembled Muslim priests, Bab made a speech with apt remarks;
That fellow could not read aright ʹSamawatsʹ with its syntactic marks.

Uss Ki Ghalat Par Ulema The Mutabassam
Bola, Tumhain Maloom Nahin Mere Maqamat

The scholars smiled with contempt at stupid error that he made.
He said with courage and aplomb, They knew not his spiritual grade:

Ab Meri Imamat Ke Tasadduq Mein Hain Azad
Mehboos The Araab Mein Quran Ke Ayaat!

The verses of the Holy Book by desinential marks were bound;
They were ransomed and set free for sake of guidance true and sound.

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  1. Many muslims, specially Arabs lay stres on correct pronouncing of Quranic words rathrr than stressing on understanding and fillowing Quran