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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-059) Makkah Aur Geneva

Makkah Aur Geneva

Makkah And Geneva

Iss Dour Mein Aqwam Ki Souhbat Bhi Huwi Aam
Poshida Nigahon Se Rahi Wahdat-e-Adam

Contemporary era witnessed tremendous contacts among the nations; 
The unity of mankind, however, remained concealed.

Tafreeq-e-Milal Hikmat-e-Afrang Ka Maqsood
Islam Ka Maqsood Faqt Millat-e-Adam

Western polity advocates division among the nations; 
Islam pleads but for unification of humanity.

Makke Ne Diya Khak-e-Geneva Ko Ye Pegham
Jamiat-e-Aqwam Ke Jamiat-e-Adam!

Holy Makkah has sent a message to Geneva:
Ought there be unity of mankind or unity among the nations?


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