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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-070) Qum Bi Izinillah

Qum Bi-Izinillah
By Grace Of God, Rise!

Jahan Agarcha Digargoon Hai, Qum Bi-Izinillah
Wohi Zameen, Wohi Gadroon Hai, Qum Bi-Izinillah

Though change so great has swept the world, There is no need to grieve or smart:
The same the earth and same the skies, By Grace of God, rise! Play your part!

Kiya Nawaye ‘Anal-Haq’ Ko Aatisheen Jis Ne
Teri Ragon Mein Wohi Khoon Hai, Qum Bi-Izinillah

The same hot blood runs in your veins that raised the cry ʺThe self is Trueʺ
By Grace of God, rise! Play your part! And go in quest of ventures new.

Ghameen Na Ho Ke Paraganda Hai Shaur Tera
Farangiyon Ka Ye Afsoon Hai, Qum Bi-Izinillah

Donʹt mourn or weep for scattered brain, It is a spell that Franks have cast:
This charm with case you can remove, act, act, anew and leave the past!


  1. Khud agah o Khuda mast12 September 2018 at 23:59

    Allahu Akbar... thank you so much for uploading and sharing with us this heavenly Rizq of utmost beloved Baba Allama Iqbal (ra).. indebted.

  2. I want to konw the meaning of this poetry. Can anyone explain this poetry in urdu ??