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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-089) Mehman-e-Aziz

Honoured Guest

Pur Hai Afkar Se In Madrase Walon Ka Zameer
Khoob-o-Na-Khoob Ki Iss Dour Mein Hai Kis Ko Tameez!

The minds of those who go to school, In thoughts quite fresh and new are clad:
Alas! there are such people few who draw a line ʹtwixt good and bad.

Chahiye Khana-e-Dil Ki Koi Manzil Khali
Shaid Aa Jaye Kahin Se Koi Mehman-e-Aziz

Perhaps some luminous thought may flash across the inmost part of heart
For such inspiring thoughts one must set some recess in heart apart.

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