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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-095) Asatizah


Maqsad Ho Agar Tarbiat-e-Laal-e-Badkhashan
Be-Sood Hai Bhatke Huwe Khursheed Ka Partou

If you desire to breed such ruby which is red,
Donʹt beg light of sun that from course has fled.

Dunya Hai Rawayat Ke Phandon Mein Griftar
Kya Madrasa, Kta Madrase Walon Ki Tag-o-Dou!

The world is trapped by traditions old and hoar,
Preceptors helpless quite, can do no more.

Kar Sakte The Jo Apne Zamane Ki Imamat
Woh Kuhna Damagh Apne Zamane Ke Hain Pairou !

Those who deserved to lead the modern age,  
Have worn out brains and others hold the stage.

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