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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-102) Khalwat


Ruswa Kiya Iss Dour Ko Jalwat Ki Hawas Ne
Roshan Hai Nigah, Aaeena-e-Dil Hai Mukaddar

(Mukaddar = Maila, Gadla)

Much greed for show and fame has put this age to shame:
The glance is bright and clear, Heartʹs mirror, but is blear.

Barh Jata Hai Zauq-e-Nazar Apni Hadon Se
Ho Jate Hain Afkar Paraganda-o-Abtar

When zeal and zest for sight exceed their greatest height,
Thoughts soar to highest point and soon are out of joint.

Aghosh-e-Sadaf Jis Ke Naseebon Mein Nahin Hai
Woh Qatra-e-Neesan Kabhi Banta Nahin Gohar

That vernal drop of rain the state of pearl canʹt gain
If destined not to dwell, In lap of mother shell.

Khalwat Mein Khudi Hai Khudgeer, Walekin
Khalwat Nahin Ab Dair-o-Haram Mein Bhi Muyassar

Retreat is blessed state ʹBout self gives knowledge great:
Alas! this state divine, Isnʹt found in fane or shrine.

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