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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-104) Azadi-e-Niswan

Emancipation Of Women

Iss Behas Ka Kuch Faisla Main Kar Nahin Sakta
Go Khoob Samajhta Hun Ke Ye Zaher Hai, Woh Qand

I know quite well that one despoils, While other is like candy sweet:
I can not give a verdict true which needs of Quest can fully meet.

Kya Faida, Kuch Keh Ke Banon Aur Bhi Maatob
Pehle Hi Khafa Mujh Se Hain Tehzeeb Ke Farzand

I like to make no more remark and earn the wrath of present age:
Already the sons of modern cult ʹGainst me are full of ire and rage.

Iss Raaz Ko Aurat Ki Baseerat Hi Kare Faash
Majboor Hain, Maazoor Hain, Mardan-e-Khirdmand

The insight owned by woman can this subtle point with ease reveal:
Constrained and helpless, wise and sage, With knotty point they can not deal.

Kya Cheez Hai Araish-o-Qeemat Mein Zaida
Azadi-e-Niswan Ke Zumurd Ka Gluband !

It is an uphill task to judge what is more precious, lends much grace:
Emancipation for fair sex or aught, or emerald‐wrought superb neck‐lace?

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