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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-107) Aurat


Johar-e-Mardayan Hota Hai Be Minnat-e-Ghair
Ghair Ke Hath Mein Hai Johar-e-Aurat Ki Namood

The spirit of man can display its self without obligation to another,
But the spirit of woman cannot fully reveal its self without another’s help.

Raaz Iss Ke Tap-e-Gham Ka Yehi Nukta-e-Shauq
Atisheen, Lazzat-e-Takhleeq Se Hai Iss Ka Wujood

Her desire is the secret of her fever of sorrow:
Her existence is full of fire with the wish to create.

Khule Jate Hain Issi Aag Se Asrar-e-Hayat
Garam Issi Aag Se Hai Maarka-e-Bood-o-Nabood

Here is the fire which opens the secrets of life;
That is the heat which sustains the struggle between to be and not to be.

Mein Bhi Mazloomi-e-Niswan Se Hun Gham-Naak Bohat
Nahin Mumkin Magar Iss Uqda-e-Mushkil Ki Kushood!

I too feel sad about the oppression of women,
But this knotty problem cannot be resolved.

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